Dear Friends,

It feels great, doesn’t it to have another season of WriteSpace?

And that too with such an enthusiastic response!

Within three days of launching WriteSpace we had around a 1000 hits at the site.  Wonderful and only possible because of your enthusiasm both, writers and readers.

Many new writers are joining in too and they will make their lovely presence felt soon.

Hoping for even more enlightening and great seasons of WriteSpace ahead of us.

Great Day!

WriteSpace Admin


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  1. Sneha says:

    Here’s a toast to the ‘Editor’ herself! 🙂

  2. Hi Suneetha,

    Nice to see your comment here. Take your time. Complete your work and write whenever you can. We all will love to have you here!


  3. Suneetha says:

    Hi All

    I am keeping away from the web generally, since it distracts me too much and I need to complete some important work in the next fornight… but I couldnt help peeping in at WS.. 🙂 and its great… I will come back to read it , at a more leisurely hour, but what I skimmed through just now, read just delicious.. Congrats to us… My contribution is still in the greenroom, but as I said, let me just offload this work and be at peace to write and read with you..soon


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