Thirst of Rain

Long ago

I inhaled the fragrance

of rain

on a summer night.

When butterflies slept

and scorpions swished their tails.

We walked about with naked feet

On rain wet mud …

In huge gulps sucked[a1]


Raindrops on wet leaves…

heavy with pause

before their thrust and plunge.

We drank

at the leaves,

we sucked at branches

and their sweet woodiness

nothing to quench our thirst

till the moon

awakened, once again,


clouds burst.


11 responses »

  1. Sucharita Dutta-Asane says:

    Hey! Thanks friends. Didn;t expect such feedback and I am overwhelmed. Hope to see all of you more in this space.

  2. Indrani Talukdar says:

    Raindrops on wet leaves…

    heavy with pause… beautifully written, Sucharita.

  3. Irene says:

    Lovely, Sucho

  4. deepika says:

    Hi Sucharita.
    Lovely peice of verse. A small kid inside me came alive after reading your poem.

  5. vimala madon says:

    I felt as if it was raining outside as I read this poem. And in my mind I see the colours of green and wet mud everwhere!

  6. Sneha says:

    Evocative – one word that describes your poem best.
    Keep writing.

  7. Dear Suchi,

    Firstly, is such a delight to have you here. Hopefully, you will contribute regularly and make Write Space more interesting just like the others have done.

    Coming to your poem. It is an intense poem, can be viewed from any angle -sensuousness, frustration and of course beauty.

    Keep writing!

  8. vimalaramu says:

    A very sweet monsoon experience put in lovely words.

  9. Sonal Shree says:

    How can people come up with such beautiful lines!

  10. Shernaz says:

    Sucharita, I have read this poem at least four times. It is beautiful – sensuous – delightful.

  11. Beyniaz says:

    ‘When butterflies slept

    and scorpions swished their tails.’ Loved these lines. Welcome to WriteSpace.

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