Ignorance is Bliss!

Sounds crazy in this age of information, but may be that’s true. For me apparently ignorance is bliss because not knowing something these days is often more comfortable than knowing it. What I am going to share is not some another soothing philosophy of life but it is about the great dilemma I’m going through these days.

Few days back, I was reading the news paper with a glass of water in my hand; before I could have satisfied my thirst my eyes got fixed on one such headline. The headline screamed: Most Water Purifiers don’t remove viruses: Study. Still holding on to the glass of purified water I read on that: only 2 out of 8 Indian Brands pass NIV (National Institute of Virology) test. By now the innocuous looking glass of water descended on the table and I frantically searched for my brand of purifier among the 2 out of the eight, and cried foul as there were no brand names. I forgot that glass of water, in fact I was not thirsty any more and as I was staring into thin air with hallucinations of virus floating in crystal clear water. Meanwhile came my husband and emptied the glass in one go, before I could speak a word. Without saying much I pointed the ominous headline. He simply shrugged it off saying, we will investigate if we have any stomach infection tomorrow, leaving me more paranoid.

The story does not end here, I’m sure there are many others like me who get fits of paranoia when in news papers , television , internet  one  goes through disturbing news like:

Green vegetables and fruits which are important for growth and immunity can actually make you sick because of excessive use of pesticides.

Studies have found that the indiscriminate use of oxytocin injections to increase yield and size of vegetables has been causing health hazards.

The honey you are eating is laced with antibiotics. Cows are injected to produce more milk and production of synthetic Milk & khoya is rampant, which suddenly transform simple things for human consumption into something virulent.

Especially mothers like me are really concerned, however, not just because of the nature of the information, but the way they are passed on to us through media.

When I was a child I used to eat many fruits/vegetables without fear, but, it’s not the same with my children. In fact, I myself remain sceptical about lots of things as far as their consumption is concerned. We are now so much scared of all possible infections and diseases that nutritious value has taken the back seat. I wonder whom to blame for this?

I introspected, if that was not enough then, there are new breeds of easily acquirable diseases like Swine flue, Dengue and Chicken guinea to take precaution against. With so much of uncertainty around, people have stopped living in the present and our constantly under fear and in extreme cases unknowingly slip into psychological disorder.

So fellow readers its high time we mutate into a super bug and become immune to all kind of insidious news and live happily ever after or practice the golden principle of happiness: Ignorance is bliss.


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  1. vimala madon says:

    Information can be so confusing! One day you hear that coffee is bad for you, the next you read that actually is good. One article says chocolate can kill while a subsequent one will tell you all about the beneficial properties of chocolate. Just when you regretfully decide to give up a pet food item you find to your delight that you can actually increase your intake of it. Or vice versa.

  2. vimala ramu says:

    My dear girl, my advice is, read about them. But, don’t let them bother you. Every day you see umpteen theories in the media, some reinforcing the previous ones and some totally refuting them. So, just follow what your conscience and health permits and enjoy life.

    • deepika says:

      Thank you Vimala ji. I, positively, will follow your advice.
      These contradictory studies are only confusing us.

  3. Sneha says:

    A hundred percent correct you are. Skepticism is the name of the game and the more you search, the more you come to know. Thing is to filter the unwanted warnings and so called information drives!

  4. Dear Deepika,

    A good write-up of something so ordinary, yet so very much part of our lives. Most of our problems today are generated because we seem to be well informed about certain things which only serve to alarm us and make us go into a frenzy. All in vain because it does not solve our problems anyway.

    Keep writing.

    • deepika says:

      Thank you Shail for reading my article.

      These things are really bothering me for so many days. Infact, one of my close relatives is facing a sort of psychological problem. she always remain sceptical,mostly, of everything and everywhere.

      Your words are encouraging.

  5. Sonal Shree says:

    True. These studies and news channels (esp.India TV) make no difference to me. Most of us know the truth about hygiene of street ‘panipuri’ yet relish the taste ( I do). Being cautious is okay.

  6. Beyniaz says:

    Super blog, Deepika. The more one knows, the more there is to fear!

  7. Shernaz says:

    Agree, whole heartedly! Ignorance is bliss. And the next best thing is to ignore all these ‘studies’ and go on living as we have done till now :))

    • deepika says:

      Thanks Shernaz for reading and commenting.

      That’s the only way to live happly. Be cautious but don’t let them steal your peace of mind.

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