Writing to Be Free......


Crossing forbidden territory

Shamelessly laying bare

Innermost thoughts

Unclading  troubled emotions

For others to see and feel?


Carefully worded verse

Vampishly slurping the blood

Of  reflections

Residing in long forgotten

Alleys of minds

Leaving souls eerily empty

Within and without?


Emotion poked and prodded

To transform into poetry

Like a doctor

Using his slim elegant knife

To needle through slimy body specimens

Enclosed inside the human shell.


Finally, the operation is done with

And the words, lines and sentences

Stitched together into verse,

reflect the soul

And presto!

The new Me

Free of all bundled up emotion,


Back on track after stepping down

From a derailed train

Of overloaded thoughts.




34 responses »

  1. Dear Vimala,

    Nice you liked the poem. A wee bit different but heartfelt and soul searching…

  2. vimala madon says:

    The last verse ties it all up and says it all.

  3. Dear Deepika,

    I think this is true of all writers irrespective of the medium they write in, don’t you think so? Thanks!

  4. deepika says:

    A writers struggle before and during the finished work.

  5. Irene says:

    Shail, this was a surprise… and I loved it.

  6. varuniiml says:

    Presto ! Welcome to the new you 🙂 Did not know that even this is a form of poetry… I guess I have to start reading up into poems now…

  7. Smita Luthra says:

    What a lovely poem! The gradual build-up of the pain of unexpressed emotions and the eventual release and the relief thereafter – it is all beautifully put in these verses. I can relate to it and I am sure anyone who writes, would feel it piercing through their hearts too. I am going to make sure I read everything that is posted on this site. 🙂

    • Dear Smitha,

      Nice that you are liking it here at Write Space.

      And thanks for your nice comments.

      Yes, creative writing can be a painful process and extremely relaxing too although one may be aware that the problems have not exactly been solved.

      • smitaluthra says:

        🙂 You are right, Shail.
        I also think that some problems need to remain unsolved. They make this world more beautiful by virtue of being unsolved. If everything were black or white, wouldn’t we be living in a lackluster world?

      • I agree Smitha. Some problems, some queries do need to remain unanswered if only to make humans realize that they cannot solve everything. There IS some Power Above them too…

  8. Shernaz says:

    What more can I say Shail, after all these discerning comments? I think I should take a sabbatical from writing and just read, read and read the lovely posts here every fortnight. I feel specially so, after reading the first and the last posts in this particular issue. Hats off to you and once more to Indrani.

    • Dear Shernaz,

      Thank you for your lovely comments. That Write Space is getting to be a happy creative venture for all of us is really very satisfying.

      And the credit goes to all of you who are expressing their creativity….

  9. nadi says:

    never has the creative process been described thus!
    vampishly slurping !
    to dare to see the violence of it…

    • Dear Nadi.

      Nice that you liked this way of seeing poetry. I suppose there is too much of violence already in the world. It is bound to affect a poet. Ha! Ha!

      Actually, this poem was more the outcome or say the realization that poets tend to feed on one’s own and on others’ emotions to form their creative work…

  10. Beyniaz says:

    Great going, Shail.

  11. knot2share says:

    Oh WOW! Which is better I struggle to think – the post or the comments?

    Great one Shail…what an operation at the hand of a poet isn’t it? Beautifully woven and it is true that things do feel light once they have been put into words and put out there. Sometimes I even wonder “is this what I have been sulking on?”…. matters do fall into perspective sometimes or at least by expressing it in a way, there comes some clarity into the madness.

    • Dear Shree,

      Bingo. You got it right. The comments are lovely. Aren’t they?and I feel good that my poetry inspired such comments.

      Maybe someday, you will write to get rid of your sulking and bring about ‘clarity in the madness.’


  12. Shail,

    The forbidden borders often welcome the stray poet,

    Weary from long travels on the wings of imagination,

    with no hidden agenda

    except to showcase the tapestry of thoughts

    woven with skillful hands

    out of nothing….

    to enrich the mind over the

    borders of language….

    to take shelter

    from the prosaic prose

    and the reality of life…..

  13. Sonal Shree says:

    Wow Shail, really nice way to express the poetry writing process. Never imagined it could be expressed in cold blood. Chilling!

  14. Sneha says:

    Evocative … 🙂

  15. Geetashree Chatterjee says:

    Poet clothed in a butcher’s garb!
    Who can derail thoughts from the
    Age old tracks
    And put minds back on a more
    Positive path!!
    A compliment though indeed
    We present a portray of
    Knife brandishing iconoclasts

    Nice one Shail.

    Jeetey raho!!!!

  16. vimala ramu says:

    However ruthless a poet may be, I should say that Writespace has the best poets and the editor is the one leading the illustrious set.

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