Ah! December!  The very word ‘December’ spells so many different emotions to us.

D for Delight,

E for Enlightenment,

C for Castles of new dreams,

E for Eagerness for the future,

M for Memories galore,

B for Boosting spirits,

E for Enchantment and

R for Rising joy.

What does the month of December remind You of? Surely, it must make you feel differently from all the other months! I know that there are many amongst us who will be eagerly waiting for the December celebrations heralding the New Year. Still others will breathe a sigh of relief that  another year has finally come to an end, giving them an opportunity to start afresh. To all, the month of December is ‘an all-emotion’ month; joy for some, respite for others. Don’t you agree?

When the original Roman calendar was introduced, it had March as the first month and December as the last or tenth month of the year. December, I am told, derives its name from the Latin word ‘decem’ which means ‘ten.’ It was much later that two more months, January and February were added. Just imagine celebrating New Year’s Eve in February! It was in the 2nd century BC that Numa Pompilius, the second king of Rome altered the order of the months.

Generally, the month of December feels like a fistful of sand. You are glad that the year is coming to an end, that you are getting another chance to begin anew but there is also disappointment that a year has whizzed past leaving you with many unachieved goals and unfulfilled dreams. There is also hope that the New Year will be less violent and less depressing globally but, there is also a tinge of sadness at the same time for the fact you lost out on precious time. There is joy for some of the wonderful U-turns that your life has taken but there is also distress about the relationships you could have worked upon but did not bother to make an effort.

“Time is always there,” you thought.

“Let the other person take the first step,” you thought again.

Now, at the fag end of the year, time has passed and your heart feels empty in certain places!

But, like the tides that come and go, moments go away however, time does not cease to function. Nature grants us this unique facility of making amends (to a certain extent at least) by working hard in spite of frittering away valuable moments. We humans are less forgiving. How many times have we been hurt but have not been willing to forgive and forget? Unlike human beings, nature keeps giving the erring party occasions to make up. WE are the ones who fail to see hope amidst despair.

Personally, I face the last month of the year with a ‘feet-on-the-table’ kind of attitude, solely for the reason that I feel time has bombarded me enough with the eleven months that have passed me by. Energy, sweat, blood and toil – everything of mine has been absorbed in the year that is shortly going to become history!  I frankly deserve a break now! Like the snake casting away its old skin I need to don on a new cap of dreams and thoughts for the forthcoming year. But as we all know, no new venture begins successfully without effort. So, December, apart from making me carelessly idle also goads me to tidy up scattered thoughts. It prompts me to whitewash stained plans, putting back onto track disorganized projects, and look back to reflect upon my balance sheet of the year’s achievements and failures.

A time to sort out old skeletons in the cupboards of our minds, the month of December helps us realize the importance or emptiness of so many of our goals in life. It assists us in understanding why we need to give more and keep back less. It aids us in comprehending the meaning of change – a fact that governs our lives. December gives us the opportunity to set right what went wrong. Reinforcing our belief in a happy future, December sways us in its swing of optimism.   The wonderful month of December helps us to believe, to love, and to understand. It is up to us to keep up to its expectations and do our bit to make the world (our home) a joyous place. Three cheers to the month of December!

What do you say dear friends?


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  1. Hi Varun,

    I understand that feeling. I go through it too every December and I am full of enthusiasm in January. But by the time February comes to an end I realize that I am not exactly going the way I wanted and all resolutions/wishes if any just blow away…:(

  2. Varun Reddy says:

    Speaking frankly from the bottom of my heart, December sucks. The climate is too cold, the air is chilly all over, and it reminds you that the year is about to end and that that another year has gone by right in front of your eyes. Only solace comes from the fact that I get to go home for Christmas and New Year and spend some tome at home, in my own room, with my nosy yet loving parents.

    For me, December does give me the opportunity to set right what went wrong. It reminds me everything that went wrong. And on what I need to do the next year. And you put that very well indeed – three cheers to December !!! Three cheers to the coming month of January !!!

  3. Shernaz says:

    Dear Shail, You always give us material to ruminate upon. I love December for so many reasons – fun, food, festivities, weddings, the invigorating nip in the weather…I could go on. But the best as you said is looking forward to another year ahead, hopefully better than the one gone by.

    • Dear Shernaz,

      Finally you are back at Write Space. Wondered where you were especially when you were getting such beautiful comments for your equally beautiful poem.

      Thanks for the appreciation Shernaz. Looking forward to another happy year for all of us and also a joyful year filled with sharing at Write Space!

  4. Indrani Talukdar says:

    A thought-provoking blog. I always feel wistful come year end. thats when i am not too busy. this is also my peak time re: work
    Seasons’ greetings!

  5. vimala madon says:

    An informative and thought-provoking blog Shail. Tell me how is it that the year passes, rather flashes, by so quickly these days? It did last year too and the year before that. December dismays because it signifies the close of yet another eventful year. At the same time I love this special month because it symbolises celebrations, weddings, family and friends from abroad coming over because of the weather, all the festivities in connection with the new year. One thing I no longer do is making new year resolutions; they are so difficult to keep and it is no use being ridden with guilt from the word go!

    • Dear Vimala,

      Thanks so much. Yes, December seems to pass too fast to even acknowledge each passing day.

      And resolutions, no, I never keep them any more although deep inside I know that yes, this is something I could have done and should do better this coming year. Whether I do it or not is another question altogether!

      I love December for all that it stands for too!

  6. Geetashree Chatterjee says:

    I think the most overpowering feeling in the month of December is wonder that one more year has passed by in such a flurry and a kind of wistfulness mixed with a measure of preparedness that sometime in future a December may be the last one of life!

    • Dear Geeta,

      I can’t but agree. I have been plagued with this kind of feeling many a year. It was at its highest just before my mother passed away. I had this nagging feeling of death hovering around. I survived December without anything happening and then, the following July my mother passed away. Just a few months prior to that my brother in law passed away too. So, that emotion in December that year was indicating to me that there was going to be a last December in two people’s lives.

  7. Hi Hari,

    Nice of you to visit the blog and also nice that my write-up was useful:)

    Thanks for the New Year wishes.
    All the writers of Write Space wish you the same.

  8. A.Hari says:


    Your blog reminds me of several pending tasks which are still pending. Thanks for the nice reminder. I wish to do at least ‘something’ in the new year.

    Best wishes to all writers & readers of this blog for the New Year.


  9. Geetashree Chatterjee says:

    Dear Shail,

    You have started a train of thought for me. I never attached special significance to December but now I will definitely muse over it’s importance in my life.

    • Dear Geeta,

      No month is entirely very special or less special. It is thinking that makes it so!!

      But, when it comes to the month of December there is a tinge of sadness letting the year go and also a sense of jubilation for having survived a year and having yet another year for ourselves!!

  10. deepika says:

    For me December is meant for retrospection and looking forward hope and happiness.
    Informative blog.

  11. knot2share says:

    What does December mean to me? It means holiday season and taking a chill pill. To be proud of what I have achieved in the past months. To reflect on errors and promising to make amends. As far as work is concerned, there is a sudden surge in workload. Everybody wants everything done by Christmas. While there are some who are seen happily sliding into the holiday season, there are others who are stuck in deadlines and target. It is the busiest month of the year with lots happening. Of course not to mention the Sales Galore! This year has been good to me and can only thank the Almighty for his blessings. Hoping to stay healthy and cheerful in the coming year too. But most importantly, December means it is Summer!!! I am really looking forward to some warm weather and bright sunshine.

    • Dear Shree,

      Like you, I too am looking for some sunshine as it has been raining continuously or at least the weather is continuously gloomy out here in Chennai.

      But winter has its own charm. And when we are at the fag end of the year, there is always a feel of celebration in the air.

      Don’t you think?

  12. Shail,
    Nice! I would like to share a few thoughts on the passage of time. Here goes.

    Ever wonder why
    We jump with joy when the clock strikes 12,
    on 31st December?
    Is it because we are glad that we are rid of a year?
    Or is it because we are nearer to our graves by a year?
    Ever wonder why we celebrate
    The passage of time
    With liquour and dance
    When we could have said thanks to our creator
    in a better way
    For having given us a good year?
    Is it to hide our old frustrations and new fears
    that the year has slipped by
    And we have not kept our old promises
    and new hopes alive?
    That we dance and drink
    At every possible party?
    That TIME, when it comes seeking us,
    Will not find us?
    Ever wonder why….

  13. Brinda Subramanian says:

    Hi Shail,
    It is always a pleasure to read your article. December is my favourite month because this is the month I was born. Other than that this month has a lot of expectations for the next year. I also look back to what i acheived in the past year and what should I plan for the next year. Also this is the month of snow, cheer, excitement, presents and most importantly, I get a lot of days off to spend time with my boys!!! Wish you a fabulous New Year, Shail. Do pass on my wishes to all at home.

    • Hi Brinda,

      Nice to see you here. Long time! Yes, December is indeed special. You have so much to look forward to. Lots of expectations, resolutions maybe (which we may invariably never keep up!).

      It is a fun month!

      Thanks for the wishes. Will definitely pass the wishes to all at home.

  14. pramod says:

    very nice pictorial presentation.
    very well written.

  15. beyniaz says:

    Very enjoyable blog.

  16. nadi says:

    Shail, I so enjoyed reading this

  17. Sonal Shree says:

    For me, December means lovely weather, using colourful woollens , 25th of December, 31st of December and the announcement of another new year at 12:00.
    I feel happy to say bye to one year and hello to another. Nice and quite informative blog Shail.

    • Dear Sonal,

      I actually miss wearing winter wear out here. But love the season all the same sans the shivering sans the cold and the glamorous winter wear.

      And yes, I love the season for all the reasons you mentioned.


  18. Dear Vimala.

    Thanks for your lovely comments. I feel happy to know that I am being instrumental in you renewing your old contacts. What a great way to get good wishes!
    Am I glad I stuck on to my belief that all of us from 4iw can get back together again..

  19. vimala ramu says:

    New or old, I had an excellent 2010 considering the number of new friends I made, thanks to Shail and her writespace4iw! Since I have something to share with them, I have renewed my contacts with my old friends too !!

  20. Sneha says:

    Dear Shail,

    I’d say that I prefer the cold December to January any day. I like the days of the final month of this year to go very slow and take its own pace. Finally, I don’t know why, maybe I’m a pessimist, I don’t like so-called ‘New Years’.
    Philosophically again, perhaps it is something like another fictional year…whereas it’s a new day everyday if you go to think of it.

    Nice read, Shail.


    • Dear Sneha,

      Nice to see your comment. I love the month of December because it gives me the hope that better days are there to follow. Also because I can reflect back and realize in full reality what I did and didn’t do without any fooling myself antics!


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