Earlier some states, later some colleges and, now a village Khap has an objection on wearing jeans by girls. According to them jeans provoke eve teasing. When will they stop being biased? When will they understand that its not mere clothes, which are responsible for this ill-behaviour towards girls? It’s the sick mindedness of those boys who disrespect women by their misconduct. Instead of imposing ban on girls they should’ve taught the boys to behave. But, unfortunately it is not so.  These boys/men will not spare your girls even if you keep them in veil because their minds are rotten and their thinking is cheap. Why don’t they grab such nasty boys and teach them a lesson on propriety? They will not stop until they are punished hard (exemplary punishment). Such diktats will only forbid these boys from learning to respect girls and women. If our society really wants to protect girls and women from these rogues we have to show zero tolerance towards eve teasing incidents.

Friends, don’t you feel that ‘eve teasing’ is just a euphemism for sexual harassment that occurs usually on roads or public places. Therefore isn’t it a violation of woman’s fundamental right to live with dignity? Even though there is no such term in Indian law but it recognizes ‘eve teasing’ as sexual harassment and considers it as a criminal activity. Although we have laws to restrain such incidents yet they aren’t enough. We need more stringent laws, as fearlessness is the foremost reason of repetitiveness of such incidents. So, I reckon and look forward your endorsement that instead of girls, boys need a rule book to teach them ‘how to behave graciously with girls and women’? Eve teasing is a psychological or behavioural disorder which needs to be treated by our society. But, for that there is a need of changed mind set of our society; and in that course of action the primary unit of society i.e. family should take initiatives. All the families should foster respect and regard in their sons for females. Schools and college can also play big role by reacting strictly against such happenings. They can also organize awareness programs seminars, and talk shows, etc. And, from other social institutions, I humbly request to keep check on these perverted males who try to jab the dignity of a woman.

It will certainly be remiss if I do not appreciate those NGOs who are really working hard to curb this problem. They not only help the victim psychologically but also prepare them to face such situations. Ironically, India with a lady president, three lady chief ministers and a lady chairperson of the current ruling party and last but not the least many lady MLAs and MPs are regrettably unable to restrain crimes against Indian women and are not good enough to make a better world for their breed. The answer perhaps lies in the insecurity of a common man’s wife/daughter/sister/mother for whom there are no personal guards or the power of government machinery to protect them. If they try to bring up the matter they have to undergo multiple humiliations of the insensitive queries.

As we approach our 62nd Republic day, let us recall the preamble of our constitution which assures the “dignity for individual” and rise to this cause. I am sure a day shall dawn when we can step out without the fear of losing our dignity.


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  1. rameshraju says:

    Eve teasing and crimes continue as long as girls wear immodest attires like tight jeans. Jeans have erased the respect on women. Woman in Jeans cannot be respected, unlike a traditional woman. Jeans are giving very BAD impact on women gender.

  2. Kusum Jha says:

    Hi deepika !
    Well – written …
    Actually, your thoughts are really heart – provoking…
    In fact, it is a matter of deep concern that still woman lacks on her counterpart to get or as to “achieve” self- respect from the males.
    I wonder that if we could return to those days when woman played such an important role in the families such that there existed the concept of ‘ svayamvara ‘ ….
    The females had the right to choose their life – partners !!

    Anyways, your steps towards this issue is appreciable … !!!!

    I have read somewhere – If we focus on change , we will get results… !!
    hope this works for us ……

  3. Geetashree Chatterjee says:

    A well-timed write. A call of the hour. But changing mind-set is an imperceptibly gradual process. Though you have hit the nail at the head, but your article predominantly deals with the urban set up. Individual mind set can only change when there is an evolution nation-wide. What about the rural millions who are for ages suffering in silence be it women, the down troddens, the out casts, the less privileged ones.

    Emancipation can only be brought about from the base to the apex attacking the rural to the urban milieu. For that, literacy and financial self – reliance are required foremost. For ages men have asserted their chauvinism by dominating woman every possible way considering them objects of either carnal pleasure or door mats to be trampled upon.

    It is insecurity which instigates exploitation and harrassment and it need not necessarily be connoted by gender bias. Sexual harrassment is also another manifestation of such insecurity.

    Mothers cannot teach their male children to behave properly if the latter witness domestic violence every day at home. A healthier social fibre can only be brought about by exposure to better lives. I feel visual media are very powerful influencing instruments especially the celluloid which attract our rural as well as urban populace. But alas Indian Cinema, leaving a handful, also perpetuates the existing mindset.

    The impact of globalization can also not be ruled out while analyzing the mass social behaviour. Our society is going through a period of transition. Rather I should say an upheaval. While television exposes us to Western lifestyle, thinking, behaviour , the extant socio-economic conditions do not allow the same to be embraced universally by all. The growing population, the space constraints, the urban insurgency, the suppressed desires of the human minds and the secret cravings for the hitherto inaccessible glitzy world fleetingly glimpsed on TV and movies leave definite imprints on the minds especially of the young ones. These have direct or indirect influence on their social behaviour. Coupled with the regressive, reactionary prejudices taught and brought up with, all the time pulling backward, a continual social dilemma is evident and ramified in unsocial behaviour.

    Our capital is in the vortex of this great social change. But at the same time the Northern belt of India is typically and overtly male dominated which can be felt in every walk of life. Though it is not less in other parts of the country. While it is easy to brand a particular city by its social culture a more sensitive approach would be to understand why it is so.

  4. Dear Deepika,

    A nice intense post on the mental set-up of males and females. It’s all in the mind as they say, be it for men or women. Inspite of the talk of equality the gender barrier for women exists and will continue to do so. Both the sexes have to sit together to sort it out. Once we stop undressing one another in our minds the eve teasing will stop too. Till then, let’s hope for a better society…

    • deepika says:

      Thanks Shail for your words of praise. Its really frustrating sometimes to hear or read or observe these instances.

  5. Sonal Shree says:

    I agree with you 100% that it is the family, the primary unit of society, that should take up this responsibility of instilling in boys the right values and respect for the opposite gender.
    More often than not, it is the parents who are responsible for treating their sons better than the daughters in many parts of our country.
    Well pointed out.

    • deepika says:

      Hi Sonal
      Thanks for your the 100% stamp. You are right it is the parents dual attitude towards boys and girls which encourage them to be indifferent towards the girls.
      But,in urban areas or in educated class inferiority complex and male ego are also responsible to prompt boys/men to misbehave with girls/women

  6. vimala ramu says:

    One place where I felt women were really respected was Meghalaya. Shillong being a hill station, men would get down the narrow footpath to make way if they saw a lady approaching.

  7. beyniaz says:

    You are right Deepika, respect for all women is a lesson to be learnt at home! Good blog.

  8. Shernaz says:

    I read just yesterday that Delhi tops the list as the city with most cases of eve-teasing and I wondered what was new in that. Delhi has always been one of the most dangerous places for women, not that they are very safe anywhere else. Let us pray this problem is given serious consideration, a good solution found and such rowdiness somehow brought under control.

    • deepika says:

      Thank you Shernaz for reading. You are right that Delhi and its neighouring cities are worst as far as women safety is concerned.

  9. Mira Pawar says:

    Nice write Deepika!! I wish and hope too that eve teasing is taken seriously and the guys are really punished…Actually it is just a cheap thrill i guess. These eve teasers must be living in an environment where there is no thrill at all in life and therefore they find that missing bit through eve teasing.

    • deepika says:

      A word from you can do wonders for a novice writer like us. So,I’m really thankful for reading and expressing your views.

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