Hi Friends,

We are back  with a bang. Literally this time, as our new friend at Write Space J.S.Broca throws the shoe of humour right back at us!!

Also with us is Vinay Ravindranath who has joined the Write Space bandwagon of ‘male’ writers.

Welcome aboard J.S.Broca and Vinay. We are sure you will enjoy your stay here just as we all are doing!

Those who are following Write Space regularly might be aware of the new Testimonials page. Do have a look.

Also introduced is another theme for us to ponder and write about. It is called the Adam’s Apple and has come up due to the increasing population of the males around here…

I don’t usually believe in reservations but the way things are moving around here, I hope it will be only be 33% reservation for the men:)

So, have a great time reading, sharing and commenting!

Cheers till we meet again.

Write Space Admin


8 responses »

  1. Geetashree Chatterjee says:

    Shail, I must say the pictures that you add with the stories are so apt that they not only heighten the visual value dramatically but also underscore the contents of the articles so adequately. Kudos!

  2. Geetashree Chatterjee says:

    Again an interesting fortnight with a new bunch of writers and thought provoking articles. I like the concept of Adam’s Apple and the 33% reservation is mainly due to space constraint. Right Shail? Otherwise intellectual freedom knows no reservation. I am sure Shail will agree with me two hundred percent.

  3. Tanuja Chatterjee says:

    Thanx Shail! This is a great zone. I love to read the potpourri! All your writers are immensely talented visionaries and good human beings. I say so ‘coz they carry an infectious spirit of life and make readers their victims. They’ve forged and chistled my attitude and vision, to look through the ordinariness of mundane things around, with an eye of appreciation. I’ll be always greatful to them. Looking forward to your space yet again!

  4. Varun Reddy says:

    This is not fair Shail.. You released this edition even before I read the previous edition 😦 Aaj raat mera overtime hoga… I won’t sleep tillI finish my backlogs… I have missed so much !!!!

    • Hi Varun. Fair or not. Creative duty beckons and the fortnightly issue has to appear on time. That itself is a challenge for me in itself!

      So, gear up to the challenge of reading the articles you have missed and enjoy the fun!

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