Frailty, thy name is no longer woman. Look at the way women have empowered themselves, with little or no help from the men – women have entered every field of business, enterprise, industry and technology that there are very few areas that don’t have women. Right from Women Bureaucrats, Women Entrepreneurs, Women CEOs, Women Bankers, Women pilots, to even Women Auto drivers. Women have flooded the employment opportunities market so much that for every man getting a job, there is a woman behind – Waiting to grab that job if he fails. So, if any WOMAN tells you that she is the one who does the house work at home these days, don’t believe her – Probably there is a Mrs. Tendulkar waiting for her at home. This Tendulkar TV serial is so popular, that many men of late, are fascinated with the idea of being house husbands. It is a not a bad deal, either. You get to cook the food you want, you get to eat in time, you get to sit and watch ESPN on television (especially all the Cricket/Tennis and Football matches) when the kids have gone to school (May be take a sneak peak at Beach Volleyball or swig beer from the fridge when no one is around) and when the wife comes home from work, pretend you had so much work, and say, “Whew! That was horrible today. I did so much of work, that I am too tired. Can you make a cup of coffee for me?” (Believe me, it always works) – The important thing is, once the man establishes the house husband routine, there is no going back. Then all he has to do, is to sit and see the serials, and sing, “What a Wonderful Life” like Shrek.

I am very eager that this trend catches on, so that if the population of husbands becoming house husbands increases, then, at an appropriate time in history, there will be a MEN’s DAY!    (Of course, it will be the WOMEN who will take pity on the men, and throw one day at the men in charity, saying, “We don’t want to be labeled as cruel. So, go ahead and celebrate Men’s Day. But remember! – WE have given you this day in charity!”

When Wordsworth said, “April is the cruelest month of the year, breeding lilacs from the dead ground, mixing memory and desire…” probably he did not know the merits of March when the World celebrates the most important day of the year – the Women’s day.

On a more serious note, the Women’s Day had its origin in civil rights at different times in Russia, US and other parts of the world  – But only when the UN named 8th March as the Women’s Day in the 1970s, the day became more popular. From being a civil rights movement in inception, Women’s day has assumed an altogether different perspective altogether over the years, the emphasis being more on the freedom of women FROM MEN – And for many, Women’s Day means to line up on the women’s side of the battle of the sexes and bash up men. The battle of the sexes has been there right from Adam and Eve, and will continue. But, the real intention of the creator could NOT have been this eternal competition between Men and Women. During sleep, both MEN and WOMEN do not know that they are MEN and WOMEN. During sleep, we all become just specks of consciousness – of self – rising above the narrow identification of the body – And many women mistakenly believe that they should put DOWN the men in order to lead. But all over the world, women have ruled nations with great honour and valour as much as men – Be it ancient history or contemporary history, women, HAVE ruled, with aplomb.  The history of this world would not be complete without the legendary women rulers Queen Cleopatra, Queen Sheeba, Queen Nefertiti, Queen Vishpala (7000 B,C?) Razia Sultan, Joan of Arc, Isabella of Spain, Mary, Queen of Scots, Catherine the Great of Russia, Queen Victoria of England, Tzu-hsi, empress of China, Rani Laxmi Bai, Rani Rasmani, Kittur Rani Chennamma, Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Kim Campbell, Tansu Ciller, Srimavo Bandaranaika, and Corazon Aquino (Phillipines) –  (to name a few – there are hundreds of women queens and empresses and presidents/PMs all over the world – even in small countries like Hawaii or Fiji). History of Ancient India has many women who have shown the way to the world  – Whatever be the state of women in India today, women have always been the backbone of this great nation, for one simple reason – they are more spiritual than men.

Happy Women’s Day!


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  1. vimala madon says:

    All I want is for the man to share some of the chores, esp. if his wife is also working the same long hours in addition to minding the home. I am happy that my husband pitches in tho he does tend to be a little patronising about it at times.

  2. gc1963 says:

    A great blog for sure. A Mrs. Tendulkar means a Mr. Tendulkar right behind. Isn’t it? Role reversal is sometimes good but for eternity…….don’t know. Perhaps the need of the hour may decide and provide it the social sanction which at present it lacks.

    A tangy treat on Women’s Day. Sure. 🙂

  3. Sonal Shree says:

    Housewife or househusband, what matters is taking up responsibility and carrying it out well. Being responsible isn’t prerogative of one gender. If only everybody understood it, there would not have been Women’s day or even feminists fighting for their rights even at the cost of male bashing. Good that some people are adopting a more balanced approach.

    By the way I can safely say that these special days like father’s day/ mother’s day/xyz days have been specially created by gifts and card companies for more profits on their balance sheets.

    When do you want us (the ladies) to wish you Happy Men’s Day? On 7th or 9th of March? 😉

    • Sonal,
      Well said!
      Beleive it or not, in my office, the women in the office were given a treat by the men on 8th, and the men in the office were given a treat by the women on 9th. So, there was a big discussion on 9th being Men’s Day! So, can I say, 9th it is?

      • Sonal Shree says:

        Ok so 9th of March every year would be your day. Enjoy. Baaki din to women ke hain hi.I’m sure your wife will agree with me 😉

  4. Dear Om,

    Well written. If only all of us (men and women) would first identify ourselves with the ‘good human being’ tag and then, shift to the equality of gender/sex bit.

    A timely blog.

  5. Sneha says:

    Mr. Om, The verse you mention, ‘April is the cruelest month…’ is not by Wordsworth as mentioned by you but T.S.Eliot.
    Couldn’t miss that, he’s a favouraite.

  6. Beyniaz says:

    Interesting! I had a neighbour in the UK who decided to stay at home and look after his 2 small children as his wife was earning more than him at that time. It made sense…and he made a really good house husband. I think he was better at the job of cooking, cleaning and babysitting and enjoyed staying at home more than his wife would have done.

  7. Shernaz says:

    Interesting blog Om.

    As Sneha has rightly said, feminism isn’t about male bashing or shouldn’t be. But a very disturbing trend is on the rise, where women are ‘using’ every hard-earned right and law in their favor for exactly one purpose – getting back at men for centuries of suppression. Unfortunately, it is the men who probably don’t deserve it, that happen to be at the receiving end. Fighting for your rights does not mean trampling upon another’s.

    Women don’t need liberation from men but from the atrocities and insults heaped upon them. Broken marriages cannot be blamed entirely on the wives, but some girls make preposterous demands even before they are married, encouraged by the mothers! It was hard to believe that one mother sank to the depths, asking her prospective son-in-law how many dust-bins there were in his house, referring to elderly people dependent on him!! Throw them out, he was told!

    Equality is not about becoming like men, but standing shoulder to shoulder with them so far as rights and duties go, winning their respect (grudgingly given) and respecting them as equal human beings. Both have to earn it by being good human beings first.

    Trying to get even with anyone( I mean in general), is not the answer. What would be the difference between them and us then?

    • Thank you, Shernaz. for your interesting insight.

      You are absolutely right when you say, “Equality is not about becoming like men, but standing shoulder to shoulder with them so far as rights and duties go, winning their respect (grudgingly given) and respecting them as equal human beings. Both have to earn it by being good human beings first.”

    • Sneha says:

      Thanks for reading my comment and agreeing, Shernaz! 🙂

  8. nadi says:

    enjoyed reading this

  9. vimala ramu says:

    Nice line of thought. But nearly five decades back, when I was ‘just a housewife’ my son always used to reply like this whenever I urged him to study well.
    “Why do you ask me to study so hard. You are (then)just a graduate and you have a Wing Commander as a husband to look after you. When I grow up I shall marry a Lady Wg.Cdr and become a House Husband too.” I applaud him for his futuristic ambitions, though later in life he fitted into the standard ‘bread winner’ role but with good sharing (chores) mentality !!!

  10. A.Hari says:

    Very interesting OM. Thanks for enlightening me about the history of women’s day.

    @J S Broca, Your post on ‘Poor Hubbies’ is very good. Nice to see at least some one has thought about the need for Men’s Day.

  11. J S Broca says:

    Dear Om,a pleasant read.I am reminded of what I wrote sometime back :

    Happy Men’s Day ?

    Dear Friends,we celebrate Father’s Day,Mother’s Day, Childrens’ Day,Womens’ Day,Friendship Day,Doctor’s Day,Teachers’Day and some other days too.

    I have always wondered why there is no such day like Mens’ Day or Husbands’ Day !

    Here is some food for thought on the subject matter.Let me hope that Archies Cards or Hallmarks Cards or some other enlightened card making company will come out with a card to celebrate Mens’Day or Happy Husbands’Day.

    Your feedback would be welcome……..


    Agar aurat par haath uthaaey tau zaalim,
    Aurat sey pitt jaaey,tau buzdil.
    Aurat ko kissi key saath dekh kar ladai karey,tau jalan,
    Chup rahey tau,bey-gairat.
    Ghar sey bahar rahey tau awara,
    Ghar mein rahey tau naakaara.
    Bachon ko daantey tau zaalim,
    Naan daantey tau laparwaah.
    Aurat ko naukri sey rokey tau shakki mijaaz,
    Naan rokey tau biwi ki kamaai,khaaney waala.
    Maa ki maaney tau,maa ka chamcha,
    Biwi ki maaney tau joru kaa gulaam.
    Naan jaaney kab aayegaa,
    Happy Men’s Day !! ??

    For those who cannot enjoy the fun in Hndi,here is the equivalent translation in English :

    Poor Hubbies….

    If he hits his woman,he is cruel.
    If he gets beaten by his woman,he is a coward.
    If he sees his woman with someone else,
    And creates a scene,he is just jealous.
    If he keeps quiet,he has no self respect.
    If he remains out of his home,he is a vagabond.
    If he stays put in his house whole day long,
    He is good-for-nothing.
    If he admonishes his children he is again cruel.
    If he doesn’t,he is just not bothered.
    If he stops his woman from working,
    He has a doubtful nature.
    If he permits her to work,
    He is said to live on wife’s income.
    If he does what his mother says,
    He is a mother’s crony.
    If he agrees to what his wife says,
    He is his wife’s slave.
    I don’t know when finally will dawn
    A Happy Men’s Day !!??

    Spread the smiles…for miles and miles…

    • Thank you, Brocaji

      Maybe we men should start a campaign for men’s day!

      Recently, one of our staff went on leave – it is called Child Care Leave, and it is given only to women employee – for 710 days at one stretch, or, in two spells or lesser! – They are eligible for this leave before their child becomes 18 years. Many of the men really envied her!

  12. Indrani Talukdar says:

    I to enjyed your blog, like I always do. The recession has created many ‘house husbands’ in America some of whom are, at presnt enjoying their status

  13. Sneha says:

    Women’s day and feminism isn’t all about male-bashing or male-hatred as many may think. Anyway, good read.

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