Scene  I:

Down Here :

Mr B the Branch Manager of Bank A,

Is busy with closing work today,

For today being March 31st, is the last day

To balance all the books

By hook or by crook !

His targets all achieved,

His heart at peace, a smile on his face.

Suddenly,on the table,falls his head,

The staff realise—Mr B is DEAD !

The GM of the Bank,Mr C,

In his short condolence speech,

Praises Mr B for all his great deeds

And for what ever he achieved

As per the Bank’s prescribed target

He announces an incentive

From his own meagre budget,

To be paid to the heirs of Mr B !

“May his soul rest in peace” ends he.


Scene–II :

Up There :

Up there goes soul of Mr B,

Dharamraj goes through three

Books of Accounts of Mr B

To decide whether he should be

Here, or shouldn’t he be !

He scans the ledger folio,

And is struck, as if by polio.

He sadly clicks his tongue

“Ah ! Mr B died so young !”

He asks “Yamaraj”- the bum,

“My dear,what have you done ?

This fellow was still to live for years five.

You’ve brought him so soon,

That’s really not nice !

Please submit you explanation,

Or be ready with your resignation !”

Yamaraj :” Sir, what could I do ?

I had to reach my year end targets too !

You had announced a performance bonus,

So I had to fulfill my onus !”


Scene – III :

Dear Readers,

Imagine the pandemonium up there,

Decide what was foul or fair,

And do write your own version,

Of the hilarious situation–

And if possible,suggest a solution.!!


( Note : In case some of the readers don’t know, for us Bankers, March 31st is our Annual Closing Day- Do or Die day !! )



23 responses »

  1. patankar says:

    Does somebody have a cartoon of Yamraj meeting his year end target?

    • J S Broca says:

      Dear Patankar,
      thanks a lot for your response.
      Which cartoonist will dare to sketch a cartoon of Yamraj ?
      Won’t Yamraj target him next ? Better safe than sorry !

      J S BROCA

  2. Dear Jatinder,

    A good take on the bank closing. Could come only from you.

  3. Sonal Shree says:

    Ha , ha , too good.

    • J S Broca says:

      Dear Sonal Shree

      I am happy to note that the posting made you smile and laugh !

      Keep smiling always.

      J S BROCA

  4. Beyniaz says:

    Liked your do or die March closing poem.

  5. vimala madon says:

    How can I ever forget the all night toiling to complete the annual closing of accounts! And staying up till the wee hours of the morning. Even after computerisation life at this time of the year was not much better, first the rush to meet your targets in every area: deposits, advances, income, profits. Then wait for the statutory external auditors land and plague the life out of you. Am I glad all that is behind me now! Although in retrospect I can afford to think back fondly on those moments of tension and stress.

    • J S Broca says:

      Respected Vimala ji,
      Seeing your background of banking in State Bank , I am happy to note that like me (an ex banker -retired in 2009)you too think fondly of those moments of stress and strains involved in every closing ceremony ! The next day -Ist April was/is usually a non-working day when I love/loved to hear and sing Kishore Kumar’s famous song :”Khush Hai Zamana Aaj Pehli Taarikh Hai !” Thanks for reading and responding !

      J S Broca
      New Delhi

  6. Harinder says:

    Nice one.. seems as if you are missing the old days.. 🙂 ….

    • J S Broca says:

      Dear Harinder,
      Thanks for reading the poem and responding !
      Every 31st March reminds me of the toils and travails of my previous long innings of 29 years.I just look back at them and realise how hard we all used to work as a team to finish the tough task on time and see the smiles on the faces of our bosses ! A job completed on time always gives immense satisfaction !

      J S Broca
      New Delhi

  7. Year end Balance sheets are very similar to the life end Balance sheets….We can write false accounts here – but never there…So wonder how Yamaraj had got his numbers wrong!
    But even in your humour, the philosophy is undeniable…..

    • J S Broca says:

      Dear D.OP N, yes,one can draw parallels between the banks balance sheet and our life’s balance sheet…!Perhaps the Yamaraj is getting old and is suffering from memory lapses.He should retire and fresh young blood must be inducted in his department ! How about ” Lady Soul Collectors” for a change ? What will they be called ?
      “Yamrajinis” ? Keep smiling !
      J S BROCA

  8. Shernaz says:

    A good one! Even after retirement the year-end blues seem to be with you.

    • J S Broca says:

      Dear Shernaz,thanks for your response ! Having worked for 29 long years in the Bank,the closing related tensions still remind me of those ” burning the mid night oil periods…” Though,then it was all done manually and using calculators etc, now the closing is done using computers,but then the hardware (the manager !) using the software (the closing package!)-both need to be compatible ! And if connectivity is not there due to power problems,you have had it ! Hope when my time comes for going up there,the Yamraj will “conveniently” forget the date for at least 5 years more than my entitlement, for some “consideration” in cash or kind as is the norm these days !!
      J S BROCA

  9. vimala ramu says:

    Good, short and sweet.

  10. gc1963 says:

    E-N-J-O-Y-E-D. 🙂

    • J S Broca says:

      Dear mysterious gc1963, if you enjoyed it,then “apna paisa vasool ho gaya,chahey main nein kuchch bhi nahin kharchaa !” GBU ! Keep Smiling !
      J S BROCA

  11. Sneha says:

    It is due to this very day
    the hawk eyed spectacle wearing
    registrar of the college I work in
    who never otherwise would bother to flaunt a smile;
    called me personally to his cabin
    offered me cold drinks
    and asked me to duly return the excess salary credited twice
    to my account

    Interesting verse.

    • J S Broca says:

      Dear Sneha,thanks for your lovely rejoinder.You must be aware of the usual foot note under all calculation sheets or receipts : “E&OE” meaning :” Errors and Ommissions Excepted ” ! Surely your boss was right-how can you expect double salary for single month ? I feel that as soon as you became aware of the extraa amount in your account, you should have withdrawn it and later returned it on interest free monthly instalments ! Sorry, that was in a lighter vein-don’t drag me into one more controversy for such free, insane advise ! Keep Smiling !!

      J S BROCA

      • Sneha says:

        I’m glad you liked my instantaneous intertextuality! The money is duly returned. 🙂 Keep writing.

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