Leaving something always hurts,

 relationship, or house

Snatching cruelly from you

A part of you, never to return

As you walk blissfully away

Only to realize the loss

When life hurriedly pushes you

 into a new dwelling

Devoid of the simple comforts

You took for granted in the previous home.

Those nooks and corners,

Those peaceful memories

Belonging to you, you alone

Now locked forever

In the treasure chest of a house

Gone forever with the wheel of time

Turned into a blank slate

For yet another person like me and you

starting off in a shelter of brick and cement

 creating beautiful memories of realization

only to lose it to indestructible circumstance……


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  1. nadi says:

    it is as if you wrote down my feelings, Shail.
    thank you,

  2. sona says:

    I am in an open relationship
    with 5 countries,
    Mornings, I breath in the green plains of Netherlands,
    I shop n eat, eat n shop endlessly in china,
    I wish to clandestinely meet my old flame in Australia,
    I save my evening walks in languid museums, roam a lot, in rome
    I sleep many night dreaming of my family n frendz back home.
    I fear i’ll never find ultimate peace
    no matter where I am, I will miss
    someone or something.

    Yes, yes, I have overcome fears, gained wisdom , met
    amazing people, done & seen wonderful things.
    I am learning and becoming complete, but
    So many days where I’m nowhere at all.
    My mind and geographical location spin past each other like those Las Vegas slot machines.
    And when they line up, I look around and spin again.
    Greedy, i want to
    bring them all together at one place,

  3. A.Hari says:

    Great poem Shail. Nice to see how every suffering & pain results in a beautiful poem from you.


  4. vimala madon says:

    Dear Shail,

    What you have expressed in your poem I have felt countless times since my childhood in an army home and in adulthood in my banking profession. What I used to do as a child I continued to do till I retired in Trivandrum – go to each room, touch the walls and relive the memories I had of that room, whispering bye-bye to it and telling it that I will remember it always. In some ways one is always a child no?

    • Dear Vimala,

      You will not believe me!! I do exactly that. It is painful and all at once soul satisfying because you tend to feel that the room, its walls, nooks and corners however inanimate have sheltered you, have given you respite innumerable times like some life breathing through the cement and bricks….

      Nice you feel the same too.

  5. Sonal Shree says:

    Quite nostalgic. As far as I am concerned (and am sure several others like me), I miss my parental home the most.

    • Dear Sonal,

      So good to see you here after a long time. Yes, the home of our parents especially where we have grown up is something that we all tend to miss. Lots of memories…Lots of thoughts…

  6. Beyniaz says:

    Lovely poem, Shail. It conveys a wealth and depth of meaning.

  7. gora sarkar says:

    As an army officer (now retd), I know this only too well. The No of times we got used to a place, only to be uprooted soon after! Mais je pense que vous serez d’accord avec moi quand je dis que dans la vie il faut se faire a tout.

    • Dear Gora,

      Yes, exactly. But thankfully, we can carry the happy memories and indulge in a wee bit of nostalgia as we grow older and shift into another dwelling.

      By the way, what did the French sentence mean Gora? You really must excuse my French ignorance….

      • gora sarkar says:

        It means – But I think you’ll agree with me when I say that in life one must get used to everything.

      • Oh Ok! Yes, indeed. We need to get used to everything in life. But, human nature is frail and not all of us are steel hearted so the circle of emotions carry on…

  8. Shernaz says:

    Shail, as Mira has rightly said, a house becomes a home only through the love and care of those staying in it…the nooks and comfy corners of old dwellings become warm memories and stay on till new memories are made and join them.

    • Dear Shernaz,

      Definitely. Memories are what we make within the confines of our thoughts and emotions using the house as a means to either express or convey….

      I still remember certain emotions associated with different places in the houses that I have lived in. I suppose it is the same for everyone.

      Wishing happy memories to all…

  9. Mira Pawar says:

    Does this mean you have moved residence? I get a vague feeling you have. Nevertheless, let me tell you that lovely people like you can turn shelters of bricks and cement into a lovely home through your love and care and make it into a heavenly nest. Lovely read Shail. Missed u for sometime.

    • Dear Mira,

      Yes, indeed I did, amidst viral fever that just did not show any signs of abating. And now, my husband says we need to shift again! Oh Lord!

      Thanks for your lovely comment. I missed all of you too. We at WriteSpace are one big family. Aren’t we?

  10. The attachment between humans and hearths very beautifully brought out

  11. vimala ramu says:

    It is surprising how one can create a beautiful home with the four walls and develop an attachment to it. Very well brought out, Shail.

    • Dear Vimala,

      Yes, definitely. We make homes out of houses. I have shifted home several times due to the nature of my husband’s job. Done so recently too and the longer we have lived in the home it feels more bad when we leave…

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