“You have been together for a long long time………” said the email with the good wishes.


Some times it better to lose count.

Especially when it is years of married life! A mental retort!

Is the only explanation of how one can live with ‘the spouse’ for so many years.

Whoever!  Whether the husband or the wife!

Some times they are better than they were vowed for (a claim) and some times they are worse than taken for. (an allegation)

Like they say “An ideal husband is one who has an ideal wife”.

Hmm, groan, growl, grimace, and chuckle!!!!

Better not to comment on which half is the better one when we say ‘better half’.

It is as much a myth to be ‘happily married’ as it is to have a barking cat and a mewing dog in your house.

It better belongs to the silver and golden screens and the melodrama it thrives on.

Those big wedding cakes, those diamonds cut with genuine love, the sobs in agony of separation and of course the vows for seven lives are all nice to sell yourself in the public eye or the social circles.

And more so lopped up by the nitwits in the Vanity Fair or in the super markets.

But the reality shows mundane wives just waiting with their breath held for their husbands to depart ( temporarily of course) to their work domains and bring back chunks for their famished wives supposedly slogging away at home with domestic responsibilities and for ever exploring ways of killing their perpetual boredom.

The chuckles of separation are more heard of than phone calls of concern (except to satiate suspicions of with whom and where about).

Wedding anniversaries with roses and chocolates are best for the advertisements to lure consumption and most people do likewise. They celebrate exactly how they are taught by the media and soaps, even in real life.

So, those classes to the Salsa and those visits to the parlour, gym, grooming schools are all justified for an enviable portrayal of the right wife for the right husband for the most vied couple and the for the ideal marriage of all times.

Wedding anniversaries must always be celebrated with grandeur, pomp and show to get the togetherness endorsed by so many (who don’t care in the least bit).

Children grow up learning to make such celebrations a mandate for survival of a long term marriage.

When parents age, children organize ostentatious wedding anniversary parties for their veteran parents just to commemorate their ‘togetherness, in sickness and in health’ to

Resuscitate their own belief in the institution of marriage and also to reiterate the world that all is well in the family.

Wedding anniversaries just forgotten, missed, not celebrated and not even remembered is taboo, abnormal and unreal but not to the most real people.

And why not?

When everything authentic (even currency notes) is brimmed with suspicion and doubt these days why not the demeanor of couples?

When everything needs to be camouflaged all the time why not even a happy marriage with its grand wedding anniversary celebration?

Been together for too long?

No one can decipher the adhesives relationships are made of!

But otherwise…………..

Say thanks to Fevicol!


10 responses »

  1. Kabhie Kushi, Kabhie fevicol? Nice read.

  2. Dear Seema,

    Glad that you are finally online at WriteSpace. Relationships are made of different things – nothing is perfect, it is the perspective that finally matters. Some situations can really make us cynical while others give us the strength to carry on come what may….

    Nice piece.

  3. seema moghe says:

    thanks for all the comments, i saw the article just today!!!!

    yes, it is an article full of whims, fancies, satire and cynicism … no doubt!


  4. Sonal Shree says:

    A well written write up, Seema. ‘Fevicol ka jod’ at times is too strong to be separated. 🙂

  5. Shernaz says:

    Seema, I don’t quite agree with the line of thought in this blog, but I must say it has been written very well. It makes an enjoyable read and gives one a lot to chew over. It is indeed a very sorry state if this is what marriages are dwindling to today. Perhaps the quotient and definition for happiness in marriages has changed.

  6. Tanuja Chatterjee says:

    Hi Seema!
    It is a different thought process but I’ve liked the way you put it. An enjoyable read.

  7. vimala ramu says:

    A good, cynical, funny post. Hope you don’t actually believe in the phoniness of the ‘Jod’. It is really a pity if you can’t hit it with someone, to whom you are bound for life.

  8. Mira Pawar says:

    Lovely read Seema and welcome aboard!!

  9. Beyniaz says:

    Interesting views on celebrating anniversaries.Great blog, Seema. 🙂

  10. An amusing and entertaining post. 🙂

    Cynical though it may sound at times. Or is it the true picture sans guise? Wonder…

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