Dear Friends,

Hi! What with the heat out there, Write Space was on vacation like everyone else. But then, we at Write Space fearing that the vacation could carry on indefinitely decided to come back before the mind wandered a wee bit more!

The month that passed us by had a lot to teach – patience and perseverance~

I need to introduce you to two new friends who have joined WriteSpace recently…

Seema Moghe, many of us are already familiar with her work


Tanuja Chatterjee who is bubbling with energy!
Welcome aboard Seema and Tanuja.

We are sure you will enjoy your stay here at WriteSpace.

Also, a little something about the word limit to be used in WriteSpace henceforth. Since we have more and more people wanting to share and express their views at WriteSpace, it would be only convenient (due to technical reasons) if all the writers would stick to a word limit of a maximum of 6oo-700 words.  This is done purely on a trial basis and the number of words could decrease according to the success rate.

That’s all from WriteSpace for the moment.

Wishing You All A Happy Summer.


WriteSpace Admin


7 responses »

  1. seema moghe says:

    Hi, .thanks for the warm welcome aboard. The articles are getting more and more interesting, a good few hours to savor everyones written perspectives. Bravo to Shail!

  2. Tanuja Chatterjee says:

    Thank you Write Space for bringing me aboard! I’m a bit perplexed as I see writing giants, all around me. I’ll abide by the limit norm and try hard to stay afloat.

    • Dear Tanuja,

      No problem at all. In fact, you will enjoy yourself reading, sharing and commenting at WriteSpace. The varied styles and topics in writing will be a boost for any writer or reader.
      So, just carry on.

  3. Shernaz says:

    A warm welcome to Write Space as also to Seema and Tanuja.

  4. Will abide by the word limit. Good that Write Space is back. Feels “normal”.

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