The trembling of the tectonic plates

Sends graph lines screeching

“Tis a seven point eight”

Scream the scientists

Searching clues for

Her ferocity….

As if they were unaware.

Concrete jungles suffocate

Her very lungs;


Her grief over denuded forests

Becomes her groan

Her cries floods entire cities

As she earns the ephithet,

“Cruel, Cruel, Nature”

From the very men who made her cry….

Her convulsions of grief

Scar the landscape

As Tsunamis and floods

Wash away civilizations

While world leaders confer

To hold a dialogue with her

Armed only with bloated egos

And overrated technology

She has no heart to tell them

About the submerged continents

And shattered nations

That lie underneath the oceans….

For she is not one to blow her own trumpet….


26 responses »

  1. Thank you, Seema, Shail and Hari.

  2. A.Hari says:

    Dear OM,
    You have beautifully expressed your concerns in this nice poem. It is high time that our decision makers stopped simply discussing such issues and start acting with strict deadlines….

  3. Dear Om,

    Mother nature is bruised and she too can bear it all only till a certain limit. The day will come when hurt, torn, tormented she will let go and then we shall know her ire….
    Trust us humans to hurt a mother.

    Lovely sensitive poem.

  4. seema moghe says:

    mind manure indeed! makes you think!

  5. Indrani Talukdar says:

    A telling ode to a sad fact of life- global warming. I couldn’t have put it better, truly.

  6. vimala madon says:

    Such a telling account of the cruelties inflicted upon nature by man who then cries when nemesis strikes.
    Strong poetry Om. Very pithy.

    • Thank you, Vimala Madon Madam. We humans always take Nature for granted, and when it suffers in the form of natural calamities, we suffer too. But we always call it cruel Nature, and forget all the days that it had been kind! 🙂

  7. Gyanban says:

    Enjoyed vivid imagery, wonderfully done.

    • Dear Gyanban,
      Thanks for the comment. I have seen your “short” stories, and liked them too! In Tamil magazines, two decades back, “Hyku” poetry was very popular – which narrated a story in shortest verse! I wonder if we can replicate that in English!

  8. Wonderfully expressed.

  9. Sudha says:

    Ferocious nature versus ruthless man!

    Well conveyed.


  10. Beyniaz says:

    Her convulsions of grief

    Scar the landscape..
    very nice line.Man is definitely responsible for nature’s fury.

  11. Smita Luthra says:

    Very thought provoking poem! And impressive selection of words, Om Ji. I love the way it ends. Hard hitting.

  12. Shernaz says:

    Your concern for the environment and Mother Earth comes through beautifully in this poignant poem…when will we stop this destruction?

    • Thank you Shernaz.
      the way the glaciers are melting, it is possible that most of the sea shore cities in the world will be lost to the sea in about 50 years or so – then perhaps, the destruction will stop…rather will be stopped by Nature herself!

  13. isabel says:

    Humans destroy NATURE, causing myriads of catastrophic events later on and yet blames Nature for it… Mmmm, why are we so blind?

  14. deepika says:

    A true picture of man vs nature.

  15. vimala ramu says:

    Ah,the callousness of men and the helplessness of Nature !

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