She smiles. Distant eyes

look into mine not saying

what they always did…


We sit across from each other

She talks to an unseen face…


“I am sorry…Where were we?

Ah yes…” and the phone rings again.


“I’ve lost the thread of our conversation,”

I say and turn away to hide the pain


Does she see it through the nettle

of obligations and commitments?


slowly, softly, something has descended

between us

neither moves a hand to wave it away


14 responses »

  1. Shernaz says:

    Sure Shail, Writespace is your baby and we all know you will nurture it beautifully

  2. Shernaz says:

    Thanks Geetashree. I truly appreciate this.

  3. gc1963 says:

    Emotion packed!

  4. shernaz says:

    Murty, All or most of the pics here are the result of Shail’s searching for the right ones. We have to appreciate and thank her for that. Glad you found the poem good.

  5. sunamu says:

    where did you get that pic Sher! Not only the right words for the emotion, you seem to stumble upon right pics as well. Best wishes.


  6. Dear Shernaz,

    I could feel the pain between the two persons. All of us must have gone through the emotions expressed so beautifully and simply in your piece of verse.

  7. shernaz says:

    Beyniaz, Eva, Vimala, my sincerest thanks for your lovely comments. Yes. The apt pictures Shail uses always enhance the appeal of every blog.

  8. vimala madon says:

    moving words and the sepia tinted picture adds so much to it…

  9. Eva Bell says:

    Such a touching poem Shernaz. And the picture brings out the pathos of the situation

  10. Beyniaz says:

    What a lovely poem Shernaz.

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