Acquiring the latest electronic gadget or the trendiest model of car on the market is said to be the aspiration of every boy (nowadays even girl). This according to the psychologists is because he would not have outgrown his craving for new toys from his childhood.

Most of the men are able to realize this dream of theirs, thanks to the comfortable economic scene in India. Our hero was one such. As he climbed the rungs of the corporate ladder, he kept changing his old cars to new ones.

One such car was ready for disposal. His conscience (and his business acumen too!) would not let him sell it ‘as is, where is’. He meticulously made a list of all the defects caused due to wear and tear. He took the car and the list to the garage and asked the mechanics to see that every single defect was repaired and rectified.

The car came back from the garage as good as new. Soon, a buyer materialized and demanded to take the car for a test drive. Our man was all confidence. He was sure the buyer would come back all impressed with his car.

Just imagine his surprise when the buyer got down from the car holding the piece of paper, in his hand, in which all the defects had been listed for the mechanics to rectify and which had been left by mistake in the glove compartment of the car to be sold! What a priceless document for the buyer!!!



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  1. vimala madon says:

    what leverage that piece of paper must have given to the buyer. Alternatively, would he still want to buy it because it is often not the defect alone but the number of defects that would swing a decision.

  2. gc1963 says:


  3. vimalaramu says:

    Thank you, Pankaja. Reading hour is a print magazine started only in Jan 2011. It comes only once in two months.I shall send you the e mail ID.

  4. Nuggehalli Pankaja says:

    Nice piece of humour,something like those which come in Reader’s Digest.

    I am interested to know about Reading Hour. Can you please enlighten me?

  5. Dear Vimala,

    A short and sweet piece of humour and reality intertwined….

  6. Eva Bell says:

    Hi Vimala!
    Sometimes honesty and meticulousness does backfire.
    Poor guy! I’m sure he’ll never repeat that mistake again.

  7. H.R.Seetharam says:

    Sellers like this are not made anymore ! The buyer is really lucky.

  8. sneha says:

    Truly a comedy of errors.

  9. Beyniaz says:

    The buyer should have been happy that the defects had been rectified.

  10. Shernaz says:

    Ha! ha! The ‘priceless document’ – the price of a good conscience!

  11. sreelata menon says:

    Nicely written….what happened then? Was he impressed with all that was repaired?

    • vimalaramu says:

      I was hoping to meet you in person before you left for Delhi. As for the price of the car, the buyer had got a good mark down point !I contacted Reading hour, They are publishing my article in July issue. Thanks for telling me about it.

  12. Varun Reddy says:

    Ha ha ha !!!! Priceless indeed !!!! But it’s true – boys will remain boys, always craving for bigger toys 😀

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