Optimum utility of resources !!!! learn from us how to use 2 wheelers!!!!!


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  1. gc1963 says:

    Life’s daily observations well captured

  2. Shernaz says:

    This is a daily occurence, particularly in smaller towns. Wish I could draw and sketch like you do Seema. I barely managed to pass my drawing exams after pleading and begging from our art teacher for pass marks, so a red line wouldn’t spoil an otherwise good report card 🙂

    • seema moghe says:

      Hi Shernaz, thanks for the encouraging remarks, Ha! i can say i got a little extra marks wherever i could use my drawing skills! hence avoid the red line too!!!

  3. Dear Seema,

    A nice sketch of a daily life scene. Hoping to see a lot more from you….

  4. seema moghe says:

    Hi Beyniaz, your comments are always so prompt, thanks! this is a daily life scene i come across and i marvel at our indigenous ingenuity and courage too!

  5. Beyniaz says:

    Heard of car pool but bike pooling?! Nice one Seema.

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