they put you

in a mold

dip you in

colors that

please their eye


like leaves

in the wind

your poems

are rustled


a new sound


your own voice


an inaudible


in the smatter

of judgement



to the world


– intimate

– chiseled

out of your

secret soul

belong not

to you


to spread light

your creations

must burn

stand naked

before the


of world

and time


18 responses »

  1. sunamu says:

    That is the inevitable tragedy of writing and the writer.

    A famous Telugu Poet… Chamakura Venkata Kavi … grieved long back that however beautiful work you turn out, your contemporaries would never appreciate (in both senses of the word).

    All that you can console yourself with is that there will be a reader in the distant future who would understand you. Anything else is a bonus.

    Well said Sher! I am bored as hell to say this is another good piece.

    best regards,

  2. nadi says:

    so true.
    thank you for writing this, Shernaz

  3. vimala madon says:

    you are a wonderful spinner of words Shernaz, with the gift of turning prose into poetry

  4. Shernaz says:

    A heart-warming comment, Eva. Thanks.

  5. Eva Bell says:

    Words strung together like a soft Lullaby!

  6. gc1963 says:

    Thought provoking.

  7. Shernaz says:

    Greatly thankful Isabel and Vimala, for your lovely comments.

  8. vimalaramu says:

    Beautiful, Shernaz.

  9. isabel says:



    ~ Profoundly BEAUTIFUL! ~


  10. Shernaz says:

    El, Tanu, Shail and Beyniaz, am extremely grateful to all of you for appreciating the poem and giving me your very valuable feedback. It means a lot to me that each of you took the trouble to read and respond.

  11. Beyniaz says:

    …stand naked

    before the


    of world…vert true and touching. Enjoyed reading this poem, Shernaz.

  12. Dear Shernaz,

    A lovely piece of verse that floats in the corridors of the mind and heart, something which traverses the wind of time for all of us..

  13. piquant says:

    Beautiful verses! Everything comes from one’s heart and heart is the treasure tower of pure emotional creations.The radiance of each creativity has the power to illuminate million other hearts around. But what if it faces the fire of criticism or blunt and rude shocks! There’s nothing to despair.still…’coz to maintain the equilibrium every intensely powerful creation has to meet equal and opposite intense powerful opposition. Simple Laws of Physics are always found at work…moreover, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Liked it very much – Shernaz

  14. café poetic says:

    This is a very good poem with a good point – thank you, el

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