How oft we have heard

‘Sigh! I would if I could


the spirit is willing

but the body isn’t.”

A weakling of a justification!


How often have I told myself

I would do something

but never ever do

because both spirit and body

are unwilling

surrounded as they are

by mundane thoughts,

rusted reflections,

exhausting emotions.


If only we all faced a deadline,

like a patient dying

with no hope left to live-

Would then, the spirit be willing?

Knowing that time is scarce

And work aplenty?

Would then the unwilling persona

be banished from the kingdom

of proud procrastination and

careless cancerous lifestyle?

Would then….

I wonder?


24 responses »

  1. deepika says:

    I totally identify myself with this thought of yours. You ‘ve penned down my conflict.

  2. nadi says:

    we Do have that deadline… all of us.
    made me think..

  3. vimala madon says:

    so many things we want to do, so many excuses to put it off… What we have to learn to do is to figuratively sneak past that resistance, almost as if you are trying to avoid somebody in the way of your getting to that task you had planned to do.

    • Dear Vimala,

      Very true. Fooling our minds into doing what is needed to be done is difficult but something which is necessary to keep the flame of enthusiasm burning high in life.

  4. Eva Bell says:

    Yes, the spirit is often willing, but the flesh is weak and distracted and needs prodding.
    From your poetic achievements, it appears that both your spirit and flesh work harmoniously together. You have nothing to fear.

  5. gc1963 says:

    Shail you are right. It does happen and takes a lot of time to shrug off the apathy.

    • Dear Geeta,

      Yeah, most of us go through this and most of the time, the human mind takes to it like fish to water. It is only when life begins to seem meaningless that the irritation commences.

  6. vimalaramu says:

    Given your achievements, I doubt the truth of the above poem. What would you have achieved if only you had chased every inclination to its logical conclusion!

  7. Shernaz says:

    like a patient dying

    with no hope left to live-


    Once hope is lost, all else goes, isn’t it?. It is hope that keeps the spirit going even in the face of death.

    Each moment is a deadline for life, because none of us are aware of when death will visit us. Knowing this too, we are often unwilling,.. why? I wonder!

    • Dear Shernaz,

      Exactly. Inspite of us knowing that time is short, that death could be round the corner, we sit dormant, wondering if and when we could do what we want.

      Maybe, it is the unwillingness of the human mind to accept that life could end some day….

  8. Beyniaz says:

    both spirit and body

    are unwilling

    surrounded as they are

    by mundane thoughts,

    rusted reflections,

    exhausting emotions…I can relate with this poem!

  9. So much truth in this. It’s so easy to procrastinate but if we keep in mind our oh-so-limited time here, that will keep us on our toes.

    • Dear Victoria,

      So nice you identify with the lines of the poem too. I agree that we always need to be aware that time is short and lots to do…

      And thanks for dropping by.

  10. A.Hari says:

    Superb Shail. This serves as a reminder to me to attempt to do something worthwhile irrespective of any limitations which may be enforced by spirit or body.

  11. It mirrors what I’m feeling inside…new ideas that became old and stale.
    Blessed with nimble feet yet not able to flee because it was chained down with life’s responsibilities. Wings of dreams that did not have the chance to take-off or fly at all…Pair of eyes that could see far and beyond and yet could not stare longer to find out the many colors of the rainbow…

    So many constraints in order to live and exist… most would call it many facets of life’s injustices. But I’ll say it’s a choice, a sacrifice and the bitter truth of reality.

    • Dear Isabel,

      Nice that my little piece of verse could come close to what you feel within. Yes, certain priorities or responsibilities keep us away from doing what the spirit so desires or is ordained to do. But we must carry on, shouldn’t we?

  12. piquant says:

    With a deadline starring, I think from a faint hearted we turn into courageous lions. But,our life is muti faceted, hence wriggling out through the cobweb isn’t always easy, even when both body and spirit are more than willing. Compromises are the runways of our daily realities towards harmony and happiness that we are bound to touch and run on for a while. Wisdom lies in staying rooted in these realities of life and emerge triumphant in mind body and in spirits. Loved to read your work and will be back next time for sure..

    • Dear Piquant,

      Thanks a lot for your lovely comments. And also for sharing. Yes, ‘wriggling out’ is what we tend to do many a time. But, then the spirit re-surfaces time and again to remind us that we need to do something else.

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