“Try everything once in life except Incest and Modern Art”

So goes a wise (!) saying. As the ‘naughtiness’ of my forties had continued into the ‘fifties’ also, I was game for trying anything for a thrill and hence the modeling.

Actually speaking, I knew I was far from being ‘model material’. I had never ever in my life visited a gym, a spa or a beauty parlor (not even for my wedding) for a facial or trimming of the eyebrows. Being a behenjiall my life seemed to be my lot, except for a dash of lipstick which I used only for parties to gain acceptance among the Punjabi wives of Defense Services. I never had any ramp training, as fashion parades were unheard of in our colleges those days, let alone posing for still pictures for media ads.

Then how did this idea of modeling get into my head? One day I saw an ad in the newspaper asking for middle aged and senior ladies interested in modeling. It was a walk-in interview at a posh multi-star hotel in the prime area of Bangalore. I decided to attend the interview as curiosity and ambition overruled caution (Rape? Molestation? Huh!).

As I liked to surprise the family with a fait accompli I did not reveal my plans to them. I just took anautorickshaw to the hotel and reported at the Reception. I was asked to wait in the lobby till my name was called.

When my turn came, I went up in the lift and knocked on the door with the number given to me. There was only one interviewer, a young man little older than my son. Once he came to know that I was an Air force wife, he told me that he was also the son of a Wing Commander. (He must have been doing that to all the trades and professions of the candidates’ spouses).Still, my confidence zoomed high.

But, during his talk, he seemed to be more interested in my family than me. He kept asking if I had younger members in the family who were interested in modeling. I didn’t tell him that my young, beautiful daughter-in- law had already done a few assignments. Instead I felt like screaming back at him, “You wanted an old woman, right?” Probably he had expected an aging experienced model like Nafisa Ali, AditiGovitrikar or Meher Jessia; certainly not the pre- historic specimen with bushy eye brows and unpainted nails.

However, he gave me a card and asked me to get my portfolio done in a studio on Commercial Street. Having come this far, I did not want to leave half way. So, I went and presented the card and myself at the studio.

I paid a hefty advance at the counter.  A man led me to the inner room full of lights and reflectors. I was asked to give a few poses including one in a straw hat (I was wearing a sari). I did not know whether I had to pose ravishingly like a siren (in her fifties!) or lovingly like a wife or affectionately like a mother or dotingly like a grandmother. My poses must have been a combination of all these. I don’t know how I looked because the studio never sent me the pictures. I doubt if the camera had any film in it. In fact I don’t even remember the lights being switched on. I did not hear from the interviewer either.

When I contacted the studio, they said they did not know anything about the gentleman or his scheme.

Thus ended my nano-foray into the modeling world. I did not tell my family about any of this because, as another wise saying goes, “What they need not know, they NEED not know”!


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  1. Hello, I seemed to be researching the online world and i discovered your blog. Compete great work.

  2. vimalaramu says:

    Why, I saw Aishwarya Bachan in a straw hat the other day !

  3. nadi says:

    Vimala straw hat waali

  4. deepika says:

    That was really exciting. I love to read your short and crisp writings.
    Enjoyed a lot.

  5. gc1963 says:

    Hats off to you! Enjoyed thoroughly.

    • vimalaramu says:

      Dear Geeta, thank you.
      Dear Sneha, you are not the only one whose comments are lost. I think Shail should take note of this. It has become a bit sluggish. As for your modelling aspirations, you can still try as you have your age on your side

  6. Sneha says:

    Hi Vimala,

    Posted a comment already, but it seems no where in sight…Must have been lost in transition!

    Your anecdote reminds me of my modeling escapades…some pictures i still have and treasure…they’re special. I must say, you’re so enterprising and adventurous. Did Mr.Ramu read this? He’ll know now!!

  7. Nuggehalli Pankaja says:

    YOU ARE REALLY A SPORT ! aND A DAREDEVIL! It takes a lot of spunk
    to try out such things!
    All this said in admiration ! Oldage does not suit you

  8. Beyniaz says:

    ‘If at first you don’t succeed’..please do try again Vimala. I would love to see pictures of you modelling.Lovely blog.

  9. vimalaramu says:

    Thank you Vimala and Eva. Yes, it does indeed require a freakish cocksureness to come out in the open with such things !

  10. Eva Bell says:

    Vimala – as usual, this was rib tickling.
    I’m sure many of us have similar experiences but are too shy to tell, for fear of being laughed at.

  11. vimala madon says:

    A hilarious account, vimala. You have this delightful sense of the ridiculous and the willingness to laugh at yourself which makes the telling even funnier!

  12. Lakshmi says:

    Dear Vimala,

    Another hilarious blog!
    Reading your blogs are always a refreshing experience.

  13. piquant says:

    Another learning from THE WISE…”to look back and have a good laugh! ” Thanx n yes with Iszy I too pray that you live looooong and forever,with best of health and in dynamic style.

  14. isabel says:

    You made me laugh so much Vimala♥ I thought it would not stop at all! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    What immeasurable joy and mirth you bring to my life, heart and spirit whenever I read your writings…

    You are my elixir!

    And before I end this piece may I say… “Wishing you only good wishes, good health always…May you live on forever dear Vimala!”


  15. Smita Luthra says:

    wow! that was some adventure! really Vimala Ji, you are one amazing lady! 🙂 So look forward to your writings… they are always refreshing…

  16. Dear Vimala,

    Your attempt at modelling reminded me of mine. Of course, I took no risk of going through the usual process and got myself to pose purely for myself and flattered I surely was (did not know I could model). Hee. Hee. But then, that was a flash desire which disappeared in a flash too!

    Happy humorous blog!

    • vimalaramu says:

      Hi Tanu, Shernaz and Shail, thanks for the prompt comments. I am sure this blog will bring to light quite a few wannabes and could have beens !

  17. Shernaz says:

    Vimala, you celebrate womanhood in style and through these blogs you teach us also to accept ourselves as we are and be proud of it…Thanks

  18. piquant says:

    Ha! Ha! Humour indeed! No wonder I call you my idol! You turn my grim moments to Grand! Learning to celebrate every moment of life from you. You make me stronger, as a woman ,with each post.Thanx immensely Vimaladi for being there!

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