a poem in me


to birth itself


a pining

I cannot liberate

from its womb



I cannot relieve

with the epidural

of verbal power


surging thoughts

hang in the air

like perfume from

a crushed violet


as your perspective

gently illumines them

suspended ideas

will cast

sharp shadows

my poem

will come alive



16 responses »

  1. Beyniaz says:


    I cannot relieve

    with the epidural

    of verbal power….so simple so poignant.

  2. Shernaz says:

    happy…very happy Vimala and grateful too…

  3. vimala madon says:

    lovely… lovely.

  4. sudha says:

    enjoyed reading your poem Shernaz .

  5. Dear Shernaz,

    Beautifully written. I can totally identify with the emotions that are needed during the creative process.

    • Shernaz says:

      Yes Shail, these emotions are common to all in the creative process. Thanks for your appreciation as also for the picture you have selected for this poem.

  6. vimalaramu says:

    Beautiful, Shernaz. I guess this is the case in any creative project.

    • Shernaz says:

      So true, Vimala. I am sure everyone on this forum has been through the experience I described. Glad you found the poem beautiful.

  7. sneha says:

    Shernaz, beautiful verse. Truly post modern. Read some of Dilip Chitre’s poems. You give out that aura that his poems give out too.

    • Shernaz says:

      Sneha, I will definitely read more of Dilip Chitre’s work. You had mentioned a poem of his earlier too and I had read it up on the net. Thanks a lot.

  8. piquant says:

    Oh My God! This is so wonderful! Slender but a powerful poem!

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