May be the times are hard

May be desires dwarf

May be alone-ness vast

May be! Oh, May be!


Audible silence lost

Sighs of buried past

Unknowingly sneak into the heart

May be! Oh, May be!


Why must I wait aghast?

For the duress to pass

Why must I in fear

Shrink back – be lost?


Perhaps nameless sadness awaits

With blank indifference at gate

Perhaps those limpid eyes

No more behold their golden grace!


Shall reach for the sky still

Shine with matchless glint

Amid the din of strife

Rise from the ashes as phoenix!


Will kindle the light of hope

With bold and cheerful strokes

Will cast my beacon

With triumph of peace


Behold this longing wild

Let heart’s mystery glide

So what, if its

Vague and forlorn!


May be you’ll travel that way

Through these deep recesses

Of my soul’s subterranean depths

Some day!


May be I’ll be found

With all my glories profound

May be you’ll behold in warmth

As I rest – that day!


7 responses »

  1. Tanuja Chatterjee says:

    Thank You all for actually travelling through the deep recesses! I believe, such a situation arises in everyone’s life fight it out…moving forward with hope n courage…to reach a higher level of our greater selves.

  2. Dear Tanuja,

    A good expression of optimism boiling from distress, hurt and disappointment.

    Keep being positive. and let it rub off……

  3. Shernaz says:

    “audible silence”…”nameless sadness”…phrases that capture one’s attention in this poem of hope in the face of hopelessness. Hope to see more of your poems here, Tanuja.

  4. Beyniaz says:

    Nice one.Look forward to your next poem!

  5. Tanuja Chatterjee says:

    Oh Shree! I’m happy you liked it. The best part is – being liked by the poetess of your stature! Thanx.

  6. Oh! You’ve given words to my feelings. Even at this moment I am torn between hope and hopelessness

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