Dear Friends,

It feels real good to be at Write Space. Isn’t it?

Our fortnightly fair is back again with lots of interesting write-ups which I am sure you will enjoy reading, sharing and commenting.

Next month it is going to be one full year for our very own e-zine Write Space. So, I shall be expecting lots of lovely articles from all of you which will definitely add ‘chaar chaand’ to the forum.

So, until the next fortnight, here is Shail wishing you all a happy time ahead and a very joyous Independence Day!







Write Space Admin


8 responses »

  1. nadi says:

    More power to you, Shail Raghuvanshi

  2. deepika says:

    Thanx Shail for your sincere efforts. Happy Independence Day!

  3. gc1963 says:

    Cheers to you for all your mammoth efforts! Rejoice your success.

  4. Thanx Shail for initiating writespace! It gives a meaning and a purpose to look forward to each day and the cacophony of my heart finds dignity here. Have a victorious Independence Day!

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