What am I?

A lost memory

In your heart’s remotest corner!

Yet I exist

In the nothingness of your

Dark lonely burner.


What have I?

Just myself

An illusion

Before you again!

Yet I have

Richly churned out


To heal the tear

For greater gain!


Am I not wise?

To sing with triumphant joy

When my woes still lamenting.

Or dance like waves

To slight the pains

Of all the heart’s



I feel alive

I do reflect

Beyond own

Conscience call

I run and fly

 I creep and crawl

To rise and fall

From dusk to dawn.


Yet, I stand in waiting

Alone, forsaken and despised

On the edge of

A lonely shore

Perhaps to rise again

With all my might

Perhaps to witness that

 I stood tall

Amid  the vastness

Of turbulent calls

Perhaps to witness that

I mustered courage

To rise again

From dusk to dawn.



16 responses »

  1. nadi says:

    very nice, Tanuja

  2. Thanks Safiyyah! Somehow I always felt that if I’m not advancing on daily basis, then it means I’m regressing and I hate to fall behind. I don’t aspire to lead either. I just want to walk this journey of life happily along with everyone. And believe me, each time I rise after a fall I grow a bit more as a human being.

  3. Thank You Sunamu Sir for visiting my post!

  4. Safiyyah says:

    I take the precious lesson from this poem. Thanx for sharing.

  5. Thankyou Shree and Eva! I’m trying to express and your encouragement will never let my spirits to dampen, though I know they are pretty lousy. But, Never Retreating Is My Motto! Ha! Ha! Thanx again!

  6. Eva Bell says:

    Lovely poem ‘Dusk to Dawn.’ Yes. it does take courage to rise again.

  7. gc1963 says:

    Beautifully worded heart’s pour,

  8. Tanuja Chatterjee says:

    Thanx Vimaladi, Beny and Sherry! Forgot that it was with Shail. Thanx again for your encouragement.

  9. Shernaz says:

    Good you decided not to be just a reader this time…we would have missed out on this.

  10. vimalaramu says:

    I thought you were going to be just a reader this time?! Lovely poem,Tanuja.

  11. Beyniaz says:

    Lovely poem, Tanuja.

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