beyond the borders of boredom

through the broken window pane

I brush upon the misty canvas

a sepia print of long lost days

caressing a relished memory


our faces ripple in the brook

as we whisper dreams in the drizzle

rim rainbows with our gilt-edged desires

and blow our wishes – delightful bubbles

on the wings of gentle zephyr


as today sinks softly into tomorrow

and both look the same as yesterday

the plumy mist vanishes…

my precious flashback snapshot too

leaving me this unbroken solitude


20 responses »

  1. nadi says:

    a sepia print
    and even the canvas is misty…

  2. Dear Shernaz,

    Nostalgia is something we all love especially when time travels slowly or we are surrounded with memories of the past. And I agree completely with you when you say that we must not allow our nostalgia to tie us down.

    A lovely piece of poetry on nostalgia, a topic I just love.

    • Shernaz says:

      Thank you Shail. Yes, you are already nostalgic as writespace enters it’s second year owing to that spark which ignited your mind last year. We are going to have many rich memories as we strengthen ties in this space over the years to come.

  3. Safiyyah says:

    Simply beautiful. I’m lost for words for your way with words in words and how they leave the readers feeling. Thanks for sharing. Please do let us here know when you have a book of yours out and published. Regards.

    • Shernaz says:

      Sure, Saffiyah, I will let you know when a book of my poems is published. Grateful for all this praise. That readers can relate to one’s work is the greatest satisfaction for a writer. I am sure all will agree with me.

  4. deepika says:

    lovely poem.

  5. Eva Bell says:

    Long lost days but oh such beautiful memories to treasure!

  6. Shernaz says:

    Geeta, your appreciation means a lot to me and will go a long way in keeping my confidence high. When I bring out a book of my poems, you’ll be one of the first to know about it. It will be my pleasure to have you read and enjoy it. Thank you so much.

  7. gc1963 says:

    Shernaz! What a wonderful poem. Every line is dipped in poignant beauty. Are you publishing your work? Do please let me know. Would love to read your book of poetry.

  8. sunamu says:

    Dear Shernaz

    a sepia print of long lost days, caressing a relished memory ……. our faces ripple in the brook as we whisper dreams in the drizzle…
    so lovely really.

    “And both look the same as yesterday” … somehow paled in the excellent diction. Try something like …. “both merged into yesterday’s sepia”…

    Please include this poem in the upcoming book.
    Very best regards

    • Shernaz says:

      Dear Sunamu, I always welcome your responses, in fact await them. I will keep your suggestion in mind and see how best I can replace the line that you feel detracts from the rest. Thank you very much.

  9. Very well written poem Sherry! I think solitude at times proves to be a golden delight, esp. when it brings us face to face with those lovely and lively bygone triumphant yester years. Thanx for letting me waft through “on the wings of gentle zephyr”.

    • Shernaz says:

      You are welcome, Tanuja, but I should be the one thanking you for such a lovely response. Glad you could relate so well. Yes, solitude can be delightful so long as we can revel in our memories and don’t get bogged down by them.

  10. vimala ramu says:

    Beautiful as always,Shernaz.

  11. Beyniaz says:

    our faces ripple in the brook

    as we whisper dreams in the drizzle..loved these lines.

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