We were all ready to shift house. This was going to be the nth time I think considering the kind of job my husband has. Well! We were going to make another place ‘home. ‘Period. Like every other time. We were going to leave a house that had wrapped us in its warmth and we were going to step into the arms of another. How good that would be for us in the long run we knew not. Of course, it was something we were looking forward to due to a host of reasons – son’s school, mobility, the freedom from some nocturnal creatures, etc. Whatever the reasons we were going to gather our belongings, yes, take those lovely photographs from the walls, bring down the memories frozen in the time capsules of frames, shelves, and what not. It was not going to be easy. Transportation, loading and all the rest of the things associated with shifting pen and paper, clothes and food, furnishing and all was not going to be an easy job, this we knew.

Suddenly, when the rooms of the house we had stayed in for months were laid bare, devoid of any furniture or other accessories that either decorate or clutter up a house we were shocked to know that our neighbor, a friend from our days at Palakkad was no more. He lived just a few blocks away from our house here and we used to meet him every now and then, promising to have a get together soon, very soon. But, destiny it seems had other plans. Just before we got ready to leave for the new house we saw a good friend leave for another abode. Here we were going to step into our car to move and there we saw people step into his house to see him for one last time. How much more ironical can get life get?

We all get to leave for our homes – from work, from malls, from hotels, from cinema halls. We know that after the exhaustion of the day, it is the warmth of the four walls of our home, our room that will give us comfort and help us recharge our batteries for the next day. But what about those who leave for the final home? Are their batteries being charged at a faster pace up there? Did the exhaustion of the mortal form seem too much to bear for them? Or, was it that the Higher Power up there had decided that they had had enough of the mortal world, with goals completed, duties carried out? But what about those incomplete dreams, those little desires lying haywire? What about that little urge to live for a little longer?

Our friend was simple, a happy go lucky kind of person, not demanding much from life. In fact, some relatives of his had come to his place just the other day as his mother was very ill. It turned out that they had come to attend his funeral….

The night this happened he had wanted just one thing more. Having played four exhausting games of shuttle, he had wanted just another game. Most of his colleagues had had enough and wanted to head back home to recharge for the next day which was a working one. They knew their limitations which applied to their respective ages. But our friend was always the fit and fine kind of guy. An extra game would do no harm, he would have presumed. It will only make me more fit.

He had waited for another player who never came. Another game up there was played without him and he was given eternal rest. He had wanted another game. If only he had another chance…..




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  1. nadi says:

    deepest respect to his memory…

    This was so moving, Shail

  2. sudha says:

    Hi Shail,i could relate to your article well being a
    service officers wife and having to face the loss of dear ones

  3. deepika says:

    What should I say?

  4. William Saroyan said that people live on in the stories you tell about them. This man will surely live on for generations, because of his simplicity in life as well as in death. Sad story, but lovely at the same time, He was spared prolonged suffering. Namaste, Amy

  5. Hi Sara. Glad you liked the write-up.

  6. vimalaramu says:

    A heartfelt tribute to a friend.

  7. Eva Bell says:

    New beginnings and peaceful endings! Congrats on your new home and commiserations on the loss of your friend. A sensitive write-up

  8. Indrani Talukdar says:

    How sad, Shail May his soul rest in peace.

  9. sunamu says:

    We always prefer a comma or semi colon to life and never a period. But then He knows when to put a period to all this fun and frolic or pain and perseverance.
    Very good Write up Shail Raghuvansi.

    • Hi Sunamu,

      Thanks. Yes, we all live in an illusion and don’t want to go when the time comes or don’t expect it to happen to us at all although it is the law of nature.
      Nice you liked my write-up. Keep sharing.

  10. Another lovely overtone! Thanx for providing the kernel for my next write up! Spirituality matters to unlock many mysteries.

  11. Hope says:

    very fine piece Shail indeed and worthy of these wonderful comments. Beyniaz says it best. live in the present. My favorite saying
    ‘life is what happens between plans’

    being attached to anything/anyone has it’s heartbreaking moments as it does joy. change can happen at anytime by many reason’s planned or unexpected. with attachment comes loss. The questions is…to what extent do you want to feel these things?

    take care

    • Dear Hope,

      Thanks a lot for your comments. Yes, life indeed exists in between the plans. Very rarely do we realize it. Or when it is too late.
      Sometimes, we do get caught in the regrets of yesterday or dreams for tomorrow and thus loose our present. Attachment is indeed something that needs to be tackled head on…

  12. Shernaz says:

    A deeply sensitive and reflective piece Shail. I’ve come to expect nothing less from you.

    • Dear Shernaz,

      Thanks so much. I write from the heart, trying to push my brain cells back to do less of the talking in my articles. I guess the effort seems to be paying off..Thanks again.

  13. A.Hari says:

    Shocking to know. Every time something like this happens, we discuss and then fail to learn the lessons. I think periodical medical check ups is a must even if we have no complaints. Sometimes such things happen even if we take all precautions. What to do?

  14. Sudha says:

    While it is still painful for most of us to move out of the warm shell that we had made our home for years, it is all the more painful when one answers the call of the eternal spirit – but this time the pain is for those loved ones whom he /she leaves behind forever!

    A striking analogy, Shail!

    • Hi Sudha,

      Thanks for your lovely comments. Yes, life is mysterious and sometimes, the answers are all there for us to see, signals to pick up which we never do. We just want a little time more, an urge that carries on forever until it is eventually time to go….

  15. Beyniaz says:

    Life can be hard at times.When a good friend of mine died of a sudden heart attack at the age of 36, I learnt to live in the present instead of always making plans for the future like she had done.

    • Dear Beyni,
      Yes, life is indeed hard at times but we all carry on. Don’t we? I suppose that’s how we eventually survive. Sometimes, lessons come to us early in life, sometimes late. But they always come. Yes, living in the present is what actually matters. Thanks Beyni.

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