ART AND ARTISTS: Art Indulge Foundation- A Celebration of The Inner Self by Seema Moghe, Deolali

“Oh so you are doing this for artists”

“What will I do in your foundation? I am not an artist”

“I can’t draw for gods sake, art is not for me”

“Art is in vogue, no wonder you are into it too”

Such are the reactions I get to hear from most that learn about the social enterprise in art that I have founded.

No qualms, everyone has his own perspectives of art and they generally date back to the nursery and Kindergarten when you have to draw that apple absolutely perfect in symmetry and color it red too.   Or you have to learn to draw a house, a flower, a bird and that is how it goes. Lost is the essence of ‘art’ in the classrooms. Drowned is the creative potential of a little soul for ever until he dares to express himself on a paper, canvass, with strokes, colors he is free to choose from.

Such is the unleashing of the inner self that Art Indulge Foundation aspires to inspire in all.  The experience of freedom, the freedom to express and the liberty to create whatever comes to mind without an iota of thought to its outcome except the pleasure and leisure it offers while in the process, is what art is all about.

Art Indulge Foundation is thus a celebration of the inner self. A pursuit to art literacy for the sake of emotional well being of individuals and society as a whole.

“I believe there is an artist within each one of us, we yearn to express ourselves and are always in the foray of means and vents of doing so but the self created constraints, the fear of judgment, the suppression of feelings and also the result oriented digital thinking that we get trapped into leads us to no other activity but that which mints the currency of the capitalistic consumer world.

Where is the time for the currency of the soul?

Be it visual art, literature, performing art or any other creative pursuit, it is always a contribution to the holistic growth or a person.  It refines and hones intellect and also offers solace to stressed up minds. It opens up a world of unreal, unknown realms on a blank surface giving you that much needed space away from the rigmarole of life.

There is more to a painting that its canvas size and depiction of blotches of color.  Closer experience will unravel the depths of the person who created it and also give an insight to the person who is watching it with the heart not just eyes.

Every painting speaks to you.  What it speaks is what you are trying to listen.  If you listen with your mind and heart it will unravel a language of its own!

And when the viewer and the creator are aligned in the thought process, that work of art becomes a blissful experience to behold.

Art Indulge is all about experiencing art in its true sense.  Those who are fond of it may benefit by indulging more into it.  Those who are not, may just explore an unfathomable world in it and those who just wish to invest, may do well by scooping out what makes its price tag so superlative besides just exclaiming “ it s mad mad world!”

Art indulge is more about human to human networking globally than about art for art sake.  It is indeed a celebration of life itself, how art manifests in the myriad forms and colors of a blank backdrop and communicates to the world.

We are so embroiled in inhibitions that we rarely have the rectitude to expose our true selves.  Art offers a vent to such emotional traps and provides peace, harmony and happiness that even a platinum credit card may seldom swipe.

Children are a goldmine of creativity and imagination. They must be provided opportunities to unfold themselves.  Adults may benefit from a stint of painting or dabbling in paint and many might just discover a latent talent in them that needed a foundation like ‘Art Indulge ‘to bring back the lost glint in their successful lives.

Art Indulge foundation is all about life, through the medium of colors!

Glimpse through the profiles of painters on the website to delve into the world of men and women who paint, pursue professions, teach the underprivileged, make movies, write books and do much much more.

And we all meet under the umbrella of Art Indulge foundation.  We share our lives with each other while we paint or watch them paint, sculpt and learn about life from different parts of the world, a world beyond language, gender, class, geography and bank accounts.

Come, Join us,

Let us make this world a beautiful place to live in,

Through the world of art and artists!

We are the masters of our own strokes of life!  The real artists!

Celebrate the inner self!  Celebrate life!

This article is a tribute to the spirit of an individual to keep alive the legacy of 4IW!

A celebration of one year!  And many more to follow!


11 responses »

  1. Shernaz says:

    Very well said Seema. Thoroughly enjoyed your write-up. And yes Shail’s dedication to this blog needs to be celebrated with the completion of one year of writespace. Infact, let us all celebrate ourselves and continue to contribute to Shail’s labour of love.

  2. Dear Seema,

    So very nice of you to dedicate this article to not just the artists but also to someone else!
    I really appreciate you doing this.

    Art Indulge is of course a great attempt which will definitely carry on your spirit of celebration.

  3. deepika says:

    How artisticaly have you explained and motivated your readers?

  4. Beyniaz says:

    Enjoyed reading this Seema. I had commented earlier, don’t know where it has disappeared!

  5. Its fantastic! I completely agree that the spirit of art is lost in the classroom. What an encouraging write up!

  6. sudha says:

    how well you have understood and explained Art..i loved it.

  7. vimalaramu says:

    Shail, where did you get this picture? The lady sitting on the bench looks like my American daughter-in-law !

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