Hi Friends!

Write Space wishes you all a lovely, prosperous, healthy and peaceful new year 2012.

We know not what is in store for all of us. But this much we know that as long as we connect, share and spread positive vibes around, we all are going to have great fun out there. What do you say?

Write Space took a forced sabbatical for a brief period last year due to the physically sensitive nature of its team.

Now that all are fit and fine, we at Write Space present to you a treasure chest of thoughts, reflections, emotions and memories for you.

Have a great time reading the lovely write-ups we have lined up for you. And do share your thoughts too. That’s something we just cannot miss for anything…

Take care!


Write Space Admin


12 responses »

  1. Joyce Yarrow says:

    Nice work! I look forward to exploring the whole e-zine.

  2. vimalaramu says:

    Thank you Shail for restarting the e mag. I was on the verge of losing whatever talent I have, for lack of exposure !

  3. COngrats. Will check and give you feedback Shail!

  4. Arindam Roy says:

    This is very nice…well done, Shail

  5. Mira Pawar says:

    A good start Shail! Congrats…

  6. Good job, Shail, thanks.

  7. Good one Ms. Shail. Keep them coming. Kulpreet

  8. Sarwan Singh says:

    Dear Ms. Shail,

    Just had a glance but it is really an impressive effort & the result shows.

    With best wishes.

    Sarwwan Singh

  9. Shail…This surely is worth the wait!

  10. Thanx Shail! Atlast, the long wait is over.

  11. gc1963 says:

    Hey Shail! Nice that you’ve picked up the threads again. Hoping to read more of Write Space and of course participate too.

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