“An avid fan of Anna Karenina, Madam Bovary, etc during my college days, the idea of married people having secret lovers and clandestine affairs always intrigued me. But, my own married life, busy with husband’s postings and children’s education had proceeded smoothly and chastely with no adulterous episodes, except for a random call from a drunken fellow one night in Shillong who kept slurring on the phone, “I WANT YOU” to my queries! …But the Almighty must have thought, “Well, this lady has had everything in life. Why deprive her of this final one?” Thinking thus, he did create a ‘Boy Friend’ for me, a ‘mobile’ one.

The book, ‘Colors’ portrays the author Vimala in her true colours – at her vibrant best. What more can you say of a woman, a senior citizen taking up writing at a stage in life when most people decide they have had enough and should either become religious, senile or cynical!

For most readers who have read Vimala’s blog posts, this book is a must have collection which they can dip into every time they feel life is turning into some serious walk uphill. The author has reminisced about her past regaling us with tales that occur in our day to day lives. What stands out in her writing is the fact that she does not resort to any preaching kind of tale. In spite of her growing years with the right to advise the reader, she refrains from doing so and in stead, makes them realize that life can be fun any time, at any point of your life – you just need to have your sense of humour in working condition.

Like in the post ‘Noise Is Good,’ where she says that she would prefer noise to silence any time as her husband “loves my habit of dropping things in the kitchen with a nosy clatter every once in a while, because he says that it tells him that his old lady is “OK” and “in working order..”

Or like in the post, Son Et Lumiere when she comments,

“Surprised by the rare ‘fan-off-but-a-living-body-still-available-to-feast-on’ situation, many a hidden mosquito ventures out and hums merrily around me. Next he opens the attached bathroom door which along with the sound of lifting of the latch makes a peculiar noise, a squeak combined with the ‘swoosh’ of air….When he comes out he leaves the light on and the bathroom door ajar…. And the truant light hits me in the eye through my closed lid. His utter naivete really floors me. He has the sweetness to tell me to sleep on after all this ‘Sound and Light’ show!”

Colors is a treat to read especially for people who have not read her before. More than that, the author  serves as a loving living inspiration for all persons, young and old wanting  to write and be read of course!


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  1. Nice reco. Is there a link please, from where the book can be bought online?

  2. deepikaamit says:

    Fantastic review of a fantastic book.I enjoyed the book thoroughly.

  3. Smita says:

    A splendid review, Shail. Loved Loved it as much as I loved the book. 🙂 Makes me want to read the book all over again.

  4. azima says:

    hello shail ji,

    as per your book review it seems a very humourous blog book .i will try it.nice work.

  5. ladynimue says:

    thanks fro the recco ! will sure try this one 🙂

  6. A.Hari says:

    Thanks for this nice review. Great to know that this book is a collection of Vimala Rao’s interesting blog posts.

  7. Arun Ramu says:

    Nice independent review mom!! Congrats!



    • Vimala will reply for this of course Arun. In the meanwhile, I have to say that you are indeed fortunate to have such a lovely mom whose zest for life is simply amazing.

      Nice that you liked the review.

  8. Beyniaz says:

    Super review of a good book!

  9. vimalaramu says:

    Thank you Shail for a 100% positive review. I do not know whether I deserve all the good things mentioned about me. However,now that the book is available in e form at and and the print version at, flipkart .com etc and at Gangaram Book Bureau, Bangalore, I do hope your review will encourage people to pick a copy.

  10. gc1963 says:

    I still have to complete the book. Good review.

  11. Its a fantastic insight and I’m sure my friends will also like it as I’ve shared it with them.

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