It was a stormy night.
My opium I’d had.
“Saw” an albatross, pure white –
“Saw” some sea snakes, bright –
Another stormy night
More opium I had;
Succumbed without a fight
To its fancy-giving delight.
I “went” to Xanadu
Saw “a pleasure dome”
With no further ado
A knock came on the door
I fell from my delight.
Who was that sinner, damned?!
Caved in without a fight.
Fourteen lines, so BRIGHT
Was what came out of that!
I scribbled it down, fast.
He went back to the vast
From which he’d surfaced, last.
‘Twas a wild and windy night.
I wanted to write and write.
So keen was that sight!
But withered was my might!
Dejection: an Ode
I almost wrote at the time;
But my mind foretold
Better future gold.
I died, and spirit-pale
I wandered through the earth
To find a fair female
To tell her my woeful tale
The tale I couldn’t inscribe
Of what was in that dome
Stately, while in Life
In Poetry’s Sacred Tome.
“Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Down to a sunless sea
In caverns measureless to man”
Right to the grave of the great god Pan.



4 responses »

  1. Dear Ampat,

    A beautiful poem. Highly descriptive belonging to another genre in itself.

    Keep writing.

  2. Archna Pant says:

    So rarely is perfection so breathtakingly beautiful too !
    Kudos to a poet par excellence !

  3. cool..All the best 🙂

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