Last year, I was on the trip to enchantingMauritiuswith my family which we had been planning for so many months. Before leavingIndiawe carefully packed everything including medicines. An overnight flight, a two hours meandering drive from airport to the hotel and a further wait of 1 hour at the lobby for the rooms, made us all tired and worn out. By the time we were allotted the room and freshened up, it was way past lunch time.  We decided to eat hand tossed pizza with a cup of coffee, the only vegetarian dish available and waited eagerly for the dinner which was the only hope to satiate our hunger. After sumptuous dinner we came to room but I felt uneasy. My stomach was bloated and tight. I informed my husband who immediately gave me some ayurvedic medicine. I felt a bit better and went off to sleep early to make the best of the next day.

In the morning we started with the Mauritius’ fort, which is situated on a small hill. Heat and curvy drive initiated the problem all over again. Giddiness and nausea feeling made it worst. While my whole group was enjoying sight seeing, I preferred to remain in the bus. I was feeling unhappy for my son and husband who were sitting besides me all the time. No sooner did I come back to room; I gulped down one more tablet but the problem persisted and worsened by 10.00 pm. We realised that we would be in trouble if nothing is done soon. After all who wants to be hospitalised on an unfamiliar land?

Immediately, my husband went out and approached other native tourists who were holidaying there. He knocked every door at that odd hour, some responded and some did not. In the meantime, he encountered a joint family having members from an infant to an elderly on wheel chair enjoying a walk after dinner. My husband expressed his woes and asked for help from them too. They promptly took my husband to one of their rooms and offered some medicines which were prescribed by the physician and a packet of Electral. They also assured him to feel free for any sort of help any time during that night. He came back and gave me those medicines and told me about that lovely family. I could see the respite and confidence in his eyes. I too blocked negative thoughts and took those medicines.

Next day, I felt much stronger and from then on had a blast of a holiday which is etched in my memories for not only the exotic locations but also the simple act of kindness of a joint family for whom helping each other was engrained in their way of life. When ever I think ofMauritius, I thank god for making us part of their extended family.



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  1. Beyniaz says:

    Very nice blog Deepika. You were lucky to have help in a strange land. Like gc, even I have heard and read of the inhuman cruelty towards dogs in Mauritius, both strays and pets.

  2. gc1963 says:

    Though Mauritius is a beautiful island, I am told that each year they kill thousands of pets in the name of cleaning the city. At the cost of spoiling your exuberant mood, I’d personally like to boycot this island because of the inhumanity it shows to God’s creations.



  3. Shernaz says:

    Holidays become memorable for various reasons. Glad yours turned out to be truly enjoyable despite the initial setback.

  4. vimalaramu says:

    Truly a remarkable holiday!

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