Minnie and Yoghurt…..

“Drinking yogurt makes you slim and sexy”. Thus went a news item in the science section of the newspaper.

Since yogurt is a cheaply available household item, my interest in the article was triggered. But alas, it was all about mice. Why don’t they reveal in the headlines that the experiment is still at rodent’s stage and that it would take years before it could be tried on Homo sapiens?

Ok, coming back to the mouse, how can a mouse look sexy? I could understand if it had become slimmer. But, sexy? I could imagine all Walt Disney’s Minnies parading in a beauty competition. But how do they manage to look sexy on a laboratory table?

First of all, how did they come to drink yogurt? The laboratory report says they were fed on vanilla flavored yogurt. It was noticed that after some time, the female ones had grown a thick shiny, silky coat of fur in addition to being slim. I am sure the mouse must have even given the scientist a few sexy, sultry ‘come hither’ looks. Well as for the males, they were not far behind. They, I believe, started walking with a swagger. Once again I can imagine Mickey Mouse walking with a swagger, but a lab mouse? It defies my imagination.

Well, coming to think about the plus points of yogurt, it has been a well known part of an Indian meal from days of yore, going under different names, Lassi, Dahi, Thair, Mosaru etc. They had been known for their anti- bacterial properties. It has always been assumed to be soothing on the guts and hence used extensively during those days when the stomach went haywire.

The application of sour curds to beards (and hair) is supposed to set the beard well in addition to removing dandruff. Only one has to get used to the stink of the sour buttermilk.

But, making one slim and sexy is a totally new concept. I can very well believe in the veracity of the claim, looking at the mind boggling population of India. Having one’s own cattle at home, no wonder our elders must have consumed butter milk in bushels. So much so, the male would wander swaggering in search of the sleek, slim female with glossy hair every night and the result was the huge manpower India is famous for__ technical, semi skilled, cheap labour, the undernourished. You name it, we have it_ all due to the wonderful buttermilk that our livestock produced in plenty.

Why can’t people take a lesson from India and switch over from beefy hulks (brought up on beef) known to win tons of medals in Olympics but no issues to slim, sexy specimens like us Indians brought up on buttermilk (yogurt) and known for their  amazing fecundity?


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  1. Dear Vimala, really nice reading your post. Had a good laugh and got the message too. Nice!

  2. Eva Bell says:

    Hilarious as always! I’ve had my laugh for the day. Yes, when the Science section in papers tell us about their new discoveries one must verify if it has been tried on human beings or on mice and guinea pigs.

  3. vimala madon says:

    fun reading as always, vimala

  4. gc1963 says:

    Hey! Hey! Humour hath no limits…as I said earlier!

  5. Brilliant – though I have to say, I do find Indian/Asian women very attractive – genuinely. I never thought about the link with yoghurt before. Who knows…

  6. vimalaramu says:

    Thank you all, my dear Sneha,Shernaz and Pankaja

  7. Sneha says:

    Sarcastic, witty, true to your style, interesting, well told, unabashed. Need I say more?

  8. Shernaz says:

    As always, Vimala, a treat to read.

  9. Nuggehalli Pankaja says:

    Very nice

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