Butterfly setting free……

From some dark, deep pain

a soundless cry like a boa’s grip

strangulates the heart;

like a parasitic vine, unwittingly

constricts my guts;

alien is this voiceless plea

that tears through the universe

sabotages my innerscape

bleeds serenity drop by drop


Whose obscure plight is this, that

blights my day with unease?

I know not of whose despair

this dissonance, that ruffles

the liquid center of emotions.

Within me yet not of me

this disquiet I must still


With focussed intent

I surround it…powerful vibes

of love and quietude

I softly weave around it

G   r   a   d   u   a  l   l   y

the boa morphs…

radiant with new found hope

wings streaked with cheer and calm –

a joyful butterfly now set free,

to comfort the unknown upset soul.



13 responses »

  1. Dear Shernaz, your poetry is as beautiful as you….

  2. nilouffer says:

    Beautiful reaaly reealy beautiful; One can almost feel the butterfly emerge and fly to freedom.GBU

  3. vimala madon says:

    I agree with vimala: truly beautiful verse and depiction of emotion.

  4. nadi says:


  5. gc1963 says:

    Glad you found solace.

    • Shernaz says:

      Yes, Geetashree. It is a very strange feeling and I am always happy to find solace because I know someone else is at peace again.

  6. Safiyyah says:

    Amazing twist in the latter half of the poem, almost a signature of yours. Incredible positivity. Great words. Thanks for sharing. x

    • Shernaz says:

      Safiyyah, you have been following my work regularly and I am grateful for your motivating comments.

  7. Shernaz says:

    Glad you liked it, Vimala. Thank you.

  8. vimalaramu says:

    Beautiful, Shernaz

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