Hi Friends!

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to peruse the pages of WriteSpace this month, delayed a wee bit but there all right for you.

This season we have two new writer friends, Ramesh Sood and SK Iyer.

Ramesh Sood is pretty well known in the poetry circles of blogging.

SK Iyer’s  blog posts reflect his beautiful reflections.

We welcome you both at Write Space and hope you continue to enjoy our hospitality here.

Friends, Write Space is what it is only because of your creative contributions. I take this opportunity to thank all of you readers and writers alike for making this e-zine what it is today.

Wishing all of us lots of happy times together reading, writing and sharing!


Write Space Admin


3 responses »

  1. WriteSpace says:

    Thanks Roy Jackson. Nice you liked the current issue of WriteSpace

  2. WriteSpace says:

    Thanks Ken. Glad you liked this issue of Write Space.

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