Living Life to the Full!


I had taken advantage of a holiday weekend to give my daughter Rina her first driving lesson.  Naturally, we sought out deserted roads and country highways to practice on.  And this was proceeding well, and Rina’s confidence was building, until she turned off a rural route and we ended up at a small town square.

To her great chagrin, we had arrived smack in the middle of a parade.  There was a float covered with flowers just ahead of the car and a large tractor behind us pulling a hay wagon full of waving kids.  I almost choked on the French fries I was eating!

What do I do? What do I do? Rina intoned desperately.

Seeing the tractor bearing down on us, I said, Just keep moving.

I looked out at the crowd waving along the square.  I couldn’t help waving back.  Don’t worry, honey, this can’t go on forever, I said, patting my daughter’s arm.  She relaxed slightly and even forced a grin at some kids who were yelling at us to throw them some candy.

To appease them, I rolled down my window and tossed them the remains of my fries.


No sign of Rina the morning after a party.  While attempting to wait up for her, I have instead fallen asleep on the couch.  I begin to panic that she might not have made it home until I notice a lump in the guest bed.  When the lump stirs, I ask Rina why she has chosen to sleep there instead of in her own room.  She replies that her own room is too full of stuffed animals and kid’s things.


I was having a great deal of trouble quieting down Rina and her teenage friends.  Nothing I did worked because they simply wouldn’t listen—until I hit on the expedient of taking them all downtown to a TV studio.

I ushered the girls out of the car and ran on ahead through the gate, too quickly for them to waste their breath gabbing.  We raced through another door straight onto a working set where their eyes had to blink to readjust to the lighting.

Finally, without another word, I pulled them over to sit on some folding chairs, again too abruptly for them to react.  Quiet on the set!  the director thundered.


3 responses »

  1. lpstribling says:

    Very clever! I wasn’t expecting your story would take me on a round-about trip like that. I was waiting to see what would happen with the rest of the driving less. Thanks for the read.

  2. Hi MV,

    This was a lovely little piece dealing lovingly with teenagers. Sweetly written.
    Hoping to see more of you around.

    • Thanks, Shail.

      These situations may be a bit surreal, but in dreams there is wish fulfillment, and signs of what may come. I actually did take my daughter out for a driving lesson this morning, and later chaperoned her and her friend to a pool, but no further misadventures to report.

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