Weaving Dreams

I walk  a load of sun on my head

feeding on thoughts ideas go wilder –

sign of visual assumptions


spider weaves but not to cover

its nudity candles carry flames

only to feed hungry darkness


branches of a dead tree draw

black lightening in the blue sky

not even a leaf moves in windstorm


tidal waves sweep my doorstep

the mountain of innovation

bathes in a tsunami of concepts



7 responses »

  1. Sneha says:

    Terse, vivid and dark.

  2. Nuggehalli Pankaja says:

    The imagery of the last verse -‘Tidal waves’ impressed me much

  3. SK Iyer says:

    Dear Shail, the picture is more excellent than the poem! Regards, SK

  4. lpstribling says:

    S.K – Beautiful imagery here. I think the third verse is my favorite as it carries a lot of weight and tension. There’s a great visual here. Good stuff.

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