Genre: Poetry

Pages: 74

ISBN: 978 -81-909640-9-8

When the monsoons make their presence felt, when the mind is in no mood to dwell on any single thought, when time permits you to get carried away sometimes, it is the perfect occasion to pick up a book of poetry!

Sujata Parashar’s collection of poems, Poetry Out And Loud is one such book you would like to read, simple as it is without threatening the reader with any hi-fi overpowering stuff. It is a book as simple and creative as the poet herself.

While you and I might argue about the limits of freedom, the poet simply says:

“When looks are exchanged without biases,

Hands greet each other minus prejudices.

Vanity does not affect the senses,

Hearts reach out like true friends.

That is freedom.”

While we may debate about the definition of a celebrity, the poet defines the word from a completely different angle:

I am a celebrity

Cup full of life,

Always ready with a smile,

Throwing tantrums at the drop of a pin,
Getting away with the usual sins,

I am a celebrity….

…To you I might be another,

poor child on the street,

For my mother I am a celebrity!”

‘Walk the Talk’ is another expression of today’s events in the world:

“The woods are blazing,

The water runs short,

The air is smoky,

with chemicals and dust.

Those glaciers melted some more,

The lady on TV just informed.”

After all this, if you are still wondering whether to have a read or not, just have a look at these lines:

“ The movie you have been planning to see,

The girl you have been meaning to date,

The haircut you always wanted to try,

Those books that you postponed for tomorrow,

Don’t wait. Carpe Diem!”


Decided? Great! I bet you will enjoy this little book of reflections in verse…..


8 responses »

  1. deepikaamit says:

    The book seems promising. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nuggehalli Pankaja says:

    I liked the last stanza very much!How true!

  3. gc1963 says:

    Concerned and comprehensible!

  4. sujit kumar parasar says:

    I saw a pink flower and liked it .Then some one explained that’s a beautiful ‘ROSE’ the fragnance is so sweet ,The color is so soothing —OH Iliked it more. The Poems Iliked but now I like it more. Whom should I thank more; The Authour ? or The Commentator ? Both, I suppose.

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