Celebrating  fifteen years

Of marital bliss

In installments…

Walking up the aisle.

Taking those steps around the sacred pyre.

Listening to holy words being chanted

As a youth lost his bachelorhood

And a maiden her ‘I am still single (carefree)’ status.


Did it matter

That cultures differed,

Relatives gossiped,

Families wondered,

And yet,

Two people took that one step to


 the dusty doors of a bright beginning?


The music that played

In the humming beats

 of two happy hearts

Created  cheerful caressing  notes

In fluttering mind and raving soul.

Dancing thoughts

Made love to passionate emotions

Bringing into existence joy, fun and mirth.



The dancers dance in unison,

Falter a wee bit,

Acknowledging their imperfections

With grace, humility and affection.

The ballet of life

Coaxes us, mate and me

To ever keeping dancing the steps of love.


Care for a dance, comrade?

The dance of love?  


20 responses »

  1. Leandro says:


    “Dance of Love” is a song of true love. I don’t often read poetry so optimistic and willed such as this. Great job! Loved that last stanza the most!

  2. Namita Narain Rai says:

    Congratulations! Beautifully expressed fluid emotions that celebrate a union of souls ,Shail ….

  3. Eva Bell says:

    Congratulations Shail. May your life together be a perpetual dance of love.

  4. Nuggehalli Pankaja says:

    Beautiful poem! It contains in a nutshell your marital bliss, sparkling with inspiration to those dejected. Especially the last stanza ! TOUCH WOOD!

  5. Safiyyah says:

    What a lovely verse!!! Enjoyed your happiness…Wish u a belated Happy Anniversary, and best wishes and prayers for many mroe such lovely years…Love…

  6. vimalaramu says:

    A sweet,lively poem. congrats,Shail.

  7. Beyniaz says:

    Lovely poem about a lovely couple. Happy anniversary!

  8. Brinda says:

    Hi Shail,
    First of all wish you a belated happy anniversary. The poem is, as always, very thoughtful and came from your heart. I could actually picture you and Om dancing.Hope you have many more happy anniversaries and we get to read many more romantic poems like this.

  9. Aparna says:

    Dear Shail,

    Wishing you Many Happy Returns of your 15th Wedding Anniversary.

    Hope you and your Hubby enjoy many more years of peace and love.

    Best Wishes
    : Aparna :

  10. Sucharita Dutta-Asane says:

    Congratulations Shail. Happy to hear of your anniversary and the joy and fulfillment it brought you. Wishing you many more such days in your life.

  11. indrani9 says:

    Great lines and a happy anniversary!

  12. Shernaz says:

    A very happy anniversary, Shail and wishes for many more loving, joyous ones to come.

  13. Anuradha Iyer says:

    Happy anniversary Shail!!!

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