Between the stars and blades of grass

You lie down like a magic wand

A glittering tower of light

At dusk you were a ship loaded with emerald and cobalt pearls

Wavering and simmering in the eastern wind

The dogged morning comes

You are the face of an ocean where I can drown endlessly

In my burning boats of thousand defeats


 The crisp sunshine of the winters reminds me of a game we played during our childhood days

Of concentric circles

Circles within circles almost emerging haphazardly and endlessly around an incipient core

Finally there was a design of endless lines – curving and bending

Illuminating our eyes with a strange light

Oh! Crispy sunshine

Come have a cup of tea and biscuits with us


I walk down the woods immersed in fresh bags of fog

In search of memorabilia and amulets left behind by ancient travelers

Invisibility of a winter morning making my task almost impossible to proceed

I walk as if blindfolded losing my way in this vaporous maze

Losing my way I saunter near a row of trees devoid of leaves on its twigs

Barring a few yellowed leaves here and there

Besides which I find heaps of iron scrapings made out of crumbled ships and deluxe cars

Is it the end of the world where I have reached

A few more miles and I will float into infinite space?



2 responses »

  1. sk iyer says:

    dear sabarna, of all the first one is the shining dew drop for me. well done. regards, sk.

  2. Nuggehalli Pankaja says:

    Nice poem

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