sunil sharma

Searching home,

Away from home,

He wanders—

Odysseus-like, in the

Alien lands,

Weathers unseen earlier,

Helping hands,

Smiling faces,

Each mirroring a rich nation,

Languages different,

Gestures common,

Each journeying

In the Odyssey,

Bound by goals,

Middle-class and global;

Cooped up in a small

Sublet, doors shut,

Cooking, ironing, studying,

Talking on Skype,

Remembering Mumbai coastline

Drenched in the fierce sun or the torrential rains,



Dreaming of the golden Florida shoreline

That quietly beckons,

The young lonely student,

—A teetotaler and vegetarian, a stranger in his own land for this habit among the Indian male hedonists, defined purely by daily intake of the meat and foreign liquor—

Away from the hustle- bustle of an Asian mega-city,

Secluded like a monk,

Doing individual lessons and Internet,

An international learner,

Searching love and home,

After every three months,

In grey Aarhus, covered

In rains/snow,

Moving about like a poor tramp,

Powered by a soaring young spirit,

And youthful determination,

In the university European town,

Where identical aspirations,

Come to

Complete disparate fellowships,

Of mutual support and understanding;


In Aarhus, my dear,

A welcome occasional invitation,

For coffee in a restaurant

With two loving friends,

—Three is a crowd everywhere—

From varied geo- locations,

Sounds so good, real and fulfilling,

 A rich soul-curry,

Served with care,


A relaxed nightly chat with nuclear family,

In a receding far-off home

Now, it seems

Lost forever!



3 responses »

  1. indrani9 says:

    I like the nostalgia you have invoked, brought back many memories…

  2. Beyniaz says:

    Nice poem. Aarhus was verdant green when I visited it in summer many years ago. 🙂

  3. Nuggehalli Pankaja says:

    Has brought out homesickness well

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