Hi Friends!

Greetings! Creativity never takes a break. It just takes a tiny stroll in the garden of overflowing emotion and lost reflections. It takes time out to romance solitude so that it can feel more connected with its beautiful soul. And when the time is just right, it breaks into tiny little rainbows that burst into the horizon spreading their colours all over the universe.

That’s why WriteSpace is back again here after a brief walk in the garden of blossoming flowers of thoughts and feelings connected with the world, with creation, with You!

The latest issue is all about things that make life extraordinary. Little things that we tend to take for granted which actually make life special.

Brinda Subramanian talks about her feelings for a stranger, about a special friendship that has survived with time and distance.

Sabarna Roy has come up with a unique novella which is bound to catch your attention as you walk along with the author on his literary journey.

Madhumita Ghosh’s story, The Music Room which figured in the previous issue now comes to its beautiful finale.

Again, Michael Keith’s story, The Advent of Air which appeared in the earlier issue of WriteSpace takes off to land beautifully here.

A musical review by Indrani Talukdar takes you aboard Raga Hamsadhwani, truly a treat for music lovers.

Kim Newton’s intense emotion find fruition in verse – witty, emotional and touching to the core.

Nuggehalli Pankaja takes you for a morning walk and shares her whims and fancies in her trademark humorous style.

In the Art and Artists section, L.C. Atencio helps us take a peek into the childhood of the famous writer, Hans Christian Andersen enabling us to understand the writer as a child and his inspirations.

WriteSpace is as always delighted to present to you your work, from your perspective. Sometimes, the diversity of borders, races, classes, languages and circumstances unite us as one community of humanity as we share, read and write thoughts and emotions spread across the globe.
Happy Reading. Happy Sharing!
Shail Raghuvanshi
Founder-Editor, WriteSpace



2 responses »

  1. WriteSpace says:

    Dear Khusrshid,

    A delight to see you here! Thanks for your lovely comment. It wasn’t an absence actually. Every year, WriteSpace takes a brief break to rejuvenate itself and help the writers to come up with better creative stuff. That’s all.

    Waiting to see some creative writing from you too…

  2. Khurshid says:

    Hi Shail,
    I am so glad to see you back. You have described your absence so beautifully. Can’t wait to read the wonderful and exciting stories posted on Writespace.

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