All is not lost yet.
Even with hostility, insensitivity and strife
There is place for harmony.
Even with rape, robbery and rioting
There is room for redemption.


All is not lost yet.
As long as one believes
That things can mend
As long as there is unanimous hatred for inhumanity
There is hope for a better tomorrow.


All is not lost yet.
These lines of verse that slowly
Tread into your consciousness
Create a united reservoir of eternal sharing
That You and I shall always possess.


Praying for a world united
In deed, thought and emotion.


9 responses »

  1. Nuggehalli Pankaja says:

    What a healthy outlook and positive thinking! Good that you are spreading it through
    this media. I liked the poem Shail

  2. Leandro says:

    Dear Shail,

    I can see you are back again with great poetry, but more importantly, with hopeful messages. Your positive poetry sheds light on the goodness of the individual as one, and shows that one can change for the better if only there is a will to do as such. This is healing poetry, and it is stunning.


    • Dear Leandro,

      Nice that you liked the words that spilled out as verse. Healing poetry you call it. I suppose you can say that. I only hope that in real life we can really heal hurt, despair, evil and frustration.

      Thanks for the lovely comments.

      • Leandro says:

        You are welcome! And I believe that art alone, whether in writing, performance, visual, or any type, has the might to help us deal with the emotions of which you speak. All one needs is optimism. That is the first step.

      • Very true Leandro. In a world filled with stress only creativity in mind, soul and body can ease the human spirit. Without it life will become difficult to live and one can become cynical and mean.

  3. J. Balaji says:

    Nice to hear but needs a lot of patience. You have applied a brake when everyone else is waiting to thrash the culprits.

    • Hi Balaji.

      Definitely. All difficult things require patience. The easy way out is whining and becoming cynical which most of us tend to do but it never sorts things out. Does it? So, why not wish for a better situation, pray for the best and send out positive vibrations….?

  4. Thanks dear Brinda. Glad that you liked the poem and that it touched you within.

  5. Brinda says:

    Very touching. Thanks, Shail, for writing so beautifully.

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