Kim Newton

My husband went to work today and some trash(I mean . . Treasures)
Caught his eye.
He saw some wood that he could use
To build something, but
Then he heard a baby cry.
Not being one to ignore
The less fortunate (grateful for that)
He. . . Looked.


And there The Captain lay (told you it was a silly dog poem)
Turns out that the old lady who was
His Mama died.
And her relatives were much too
Preoccupied dividing her furniture
To nurture what the old lady
Had probably loved most
In life.
So they took a box of clothes that
Nobody wanted to use
And threw him in there
He was just an old dog. . . RIGHT?
Easily disposed of, in fact
Hubby said that
He saw the dump truck pulling in
As he was driving
To bring the old dog
To me.


See, this is just a silly poem about a dog,
But there are certain
Facts that have the power to distract me
Me from realizing that.


Have you ever loved somebody?
Have you ever felt safe?
And then had it all end
Without knowing why?
Ever felt helpless?
Unable to change
Your fate,
Unknowing of the dangers
Awaiting you
Until it’s too late?
Have you ever been
Thrown away?
Cast aside before getting
The chance to grieve
For the life
You thought you’d always have.


Ever been saved?
When the battles you once fought
Overcame you?
If the answer is yes
To any of the above,
Then you already gotten the hint
That this might more
Than a silly poem
About a dog.


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