Comma was tired, over
worked, used
to being abused. It didn’t occur
to him to rest (that always seemed to happen
naturally). He slipped, tripped
over a dangling modifier someone had
forgotten to edit out. He dropped
his left “m,” fell into coma.


His buddy, Ex[clamation] witnessed the whole
unfortunate circumstance. He rushed
to Comma’s side, screaming at everyone
along the way. He tried to figure out how
to assist his friend, and pointed out
that what was needed was a little umf
to get his friend back on his feet and showing
signs of life.


He implored Semicolon to help. Sadly,
he was useless as always. Hanging in
forgotten corners, he never knew what to do
with himself anymore than anyone else did.


There was a set of shift[y] characters
heading their way. Ex[clamation] pleaded
his plight. Asterisk visibly emoted:
but agreed to help. Ampersand joined them.

Working together, they got Comma upright, stuck
him before Ellipses (what a hot little goddess)
and waited . . .


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