Dr A.V.Koshy is a poet, critic, educationist, author of a book of essays, a novelist in the making, a teacher of creative writing and an Assistant Professor of English Language and Literature.


She is an ex media and Advertising professional. She has been with Indian Express , New Delhi and has headed the Advertising and Corporate communications of Kelvinator the Brand Leader in the Indian White Goods Industry.
Currently a housewife and a freelance writer ; she is totally smitten with the Kaleidoscope of life . She loves to watch it unfold into everchanging patterns and the play of it’s myriad hues of joys, sorrows , hopes , desires , illusions , beliefs ; and in the midst of it all the miracle of ‘being’. Her stories have been published in the ‘Chicken Soup Of The Indian Soul’ series. She is a Bilingual poet and her poems have been published in several books of ‘Destiny To Write Publications’ and in ‘The Poetry Of War And Peace’ by ‘Brian Wrixon And A World Of Friends’ publication.


A lawyer by profession, her first love is writing. She has written many political commentaries, sports articles (especially on cricket) and features on good life, people, fashion, youth and career. Her hobbies are reading, going to sporting events, cooking, traveling and sampling exotic cuisines.–midnight-desserts-of-hyderabad-by-beyniaz-edulji-hyderabad-india.aspx


Dr Bina Biswas is a short story writer, translator and a poet. She is working as a Prof of English Communications at TRR College of Engineering for Women, JNTU. She is presently working on a biography of Tagore.


She is a postgraduate in English Literature and a trained teacher. Currently, she is a home maker by choice. She is a creative kind of person who loves to try new things in life. She always had a passion to write but started writing only two years ago with small paragraphs for readers’ response in newspapers. She hopes to write articles professionally some day.


He is a PR professional working in the Railways. He writes occasionally to express his creativity. His area of special interest is spirituality. You can see his writings at


She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists. A freelance writer, her articles, short stories and children’s stories have been published in magazines, newspapers, on the Net, and in several anthologies. She is the author of : Novels – “Silver Amulet”  “When Shadows Flee” “Halo of Deceit.” Biography- “Grace Abounding.” Children’s Books: “Lost on the beach,” “Sniffer Dog and other stories.” E-books: Cactus Hill, Survival Strategies in an Angry World, Storm in the Desert.


Born in Kolkata, and brought up in Delhi, she is a graduate from Delhi University and holds a Diploma in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations. She has completed 22 years in Petroleum & Natural Gas Sector which includes 13 years in HR. Once a keen fan of Hindusthani Classical Music, now, she is avid listener. All forms of art form attract her be it dance, painting or sculpting!

Not exactly a voracious reader, however, certain subjects and topics do tend to ‘tickle’ her interest. Although writing was never a hobby or a passion, it suddenly happened so to say! Perhaps a replacement therapy for music! She has always been intrigued by the beauty of language – be it any – English, Bengali (her mother tongue) or Hindi, the official language of political governance, if there is any.

Her heart has fostered a very intimate relationship with poetry. “Perhaps the need arises from vocalizing thoughts cooped up somewhere. A need to regurgitate and reach across!“  She loves to speak about the common people, generally overlooked or ignored. A nobody struggling to find an identity amidst the worthy! That’s what she says her profile is today but someday, she would like to add and etch the everyday confusion and chaos that life subjects her to, because that is also an inseparable part of her self.


He is a retired Colonel (Rajput Regiment). He is very fond of reading, writing, singing and listening to music (mostly rock and pop). Fluent in French, he was in fact an official Interpreter for the army and has worked with VIPs and delegations from France and other French speaking countries. He loves to read, write and listen to French every day.

He plays tennis, football, cricket and chess. His wife is a home maker and he says that he appreciates her handling domestic responsibility extremely well. His elder (married) son is a Manager in Axis Bank, Mumbai while his younger son is an IT consultant with Fujitsu Industries, Pune.


She is a writer/editor/journalist who has worked extensively in both India and Australia. Her metier is fine arts and she has edited the arts’ page in the Financial Express (New Delhi) and later at Newstime (Hyderabad; in 1991-94 and 1996-97 respectively). Apart from being the art critic for the Pioneer in the 90s, she also won the Rotary Exchange Fellowship (to Argentina) and the Greater Dandenong Short Story Writing Competition (in Melbourne, 2003). With a MA in Communication studies from RMIT University, Melbourne, she worked as a journalist/writer there and returned to India after a span of six years. She is now working independently in Delhi as a freelance writer/editor. She resides in Dehradun, her hometown, from where she works in the same capacity.


She grew up in the mountains of Bhutan, where she did her schooling before moving on to Calcutta for college education, eventually obtaining a Master’s degree in English Literature from Calcutta University. She went on to Film & Television Institute of India (FTII) to study Film Editing. She has edited a number of television series, documentaries and worked on several features as well. Writing has always been a passion for her and she has dabbled in professional scriptwriting. She published her first novel at 4indianwoman where she also wrote regular film reviews apart from short stories and blogs.


She is a Masters/ M.Phil in English Literature from Goa University. She now teaches and trains. She has always been related to the educational field in some way or the other from training students to training teachers, she believes she is still playing the role of a mentor. A true romantic at heart, she usually gives into this romantic side. She loves being surrounded with books, flowers and plants. She believes life is full of surprises and one never knows what awaits us –but whatever it is – she believes one should be ready to embrace life with a positive aura. This makes life easy to deal with. She believes in God and knows that He is out there watching out and taking care. A positive attitude has helped her to overcome every hurdle in life. She has an interest in languages and can speak about 9 languages. Her family is her strength, she says.


He is a “young man of sixty one” with two children,  married and well settled.  He retired as Chief Manager from a reputed nationalised Indian Bank 2 years back after 29 years of dedicated service. He is presently working as a guest faculty/visiting faculty member in a number of MBA institutions and gives lectures on various topics. By qualification he is basically an Engineer. His hobbies include reading, writing, singing, collecting funny quotations, shayries, limericks etc. Many of his articles, letters and poems have been published in newspapers and magazines.  He states that he owes his survival to his sense of humour!  He has been blogging since 2006 and says he has become a compulsive blogger by now.


He is the author of three story collections, an acclaimed memoir, and two-dozen non-fiction books.


She is a freelance writer. With a Diploma in Journalism from ICS, Scranton, USA she has worked with Gulf News, Dubai for 13 years doing feature stories also having freelanced for Khaleej Times in Dubai. She writes for,, and  She has also contributed for the ‘Chicken Soup” series.


Nadi, as she is known amongst friends, is a MBBS doctor. Having practiced medicine she has been working mainly with women patients from lower socio-economic strata for the past ten years, before going back to school for Women’s Studies at the University of Pune followed by Screenplay Writing at FTII, Pune. After having taught Script writing for four years, Nadi (Dr. Manasee Palshikar) says she is now trying to write.


She is a bilingual writer and writes both in Kannada and English, Her forte are English poems and humour. Many of her creative writings have appeared in leading dailies. She has many novels to her credit. She has also penned many dramas apart from having written countless short stories. Some of her novels have been even made into movies. Adding to the above mind blogging credits she has also received innumerable literary awards. Is also into translation work.  She is also the recipient  of monthly Honaranium by the Karnataka Government  for the contribution rendered to Kannada Literature.


A Science graduate with a deep passion for languages and literature, Radha has been writing since she was in college. She has a degree in Education and a diploma in Oriental Languages. She is an army wife and has worked as a school teacher for close to a decade. She is an avid reader and has an interest in history and fiction. She has obtained training in food processing and preservation. She has an interest in gardening having participated in horticultural competitions.  Radha has also translated several books, articles and novels into Telugu from other languages like English and Hindi. The translations include a book on Vastu Shastra, a compilation of  letters written by Mahatma Gandhi and Marathi novels such as ‘Bin Patacha Darwaza’ and ‘ Chakrancha Kurchi’. Her articles have been published in magazines such as ‘Triveni’ and ‘Sri Venakatesam.’ Radha Murthi is a member of Germany based spiritual organisation called Bruno Greoning Circle of Friends.


Sabarna Roy is a qualified Civil Engineer from Jadavpur University, Calcutta. He works in a senior management position in a manufacturing and engineering construction company. He is an avid reader and movie buff. He writes mostly to reconnect with himself. He has published books like Pentacles, Frosted Glass and Abyss to his credit.


Dr. Sayantan Gupta, is a Consultant Gynaecologist by profession, presently residing in and practicing at Malda, West Bengal, India. He is a trained Laparoscopic Surgeon as well. In 2007 he quit Government Service and opted for exclusive private practice. Writing is his passion. He writes prose, poetry and drama. Some of the dramas he had written have made successful stage productions. An anthology of his poems in English, “Where the Rainbow Ends”, had been published in September, 2011. He is an ardent Rotarian having served in different capacities at Club and District levels. He has published two books; both widely acclaimed, on Rotarian subjects, one in Bengali and one in English.


Shail Raghuvanshi has been working as a freelance journalist for the past two decades. A Post Graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication, her various stints in the print and audio-visual media have influenced her reflections which find a place in her writings. She loves writing non-fiction. Poetry and fiction are her other interests in writing, something that she indulges in to make life a wee bit more mysterious and interesting. She has also worked as Spoken English teacher in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Palakkad, Kerala. Her articles have been published in leading Indian dailies apart from various websites. Painting, music, reading, friendship and spirituality are her other passions in life.


Shernaz Wadia is a retired teacher, peace loving home-maker, living in Pune, India. Live and let live is her motto. She believes that life is beautiful and should be lived every minute with an attitude of gratitude. Her writings, mostly poems, have been published in e-journals such as Poets International (electronic and print), Pondering Moments, Poets India, Enchanting Verses International, MuseIndia, Autumn Leaves, Ribbons (a journal of Tanka), a book entitled “Posy of Poesy”, etc. Her poem on Alzheimers has been published in Caring Moments an anthology brought out by the website Life’s Inspirational Moments, Australia. She writes poetry as a means of exploration and expression of the inner self.


She is an Interior Designer, free lance Journalist, caricaturist, with more than 10,000 articles published to her credit and writes a daily column ‘Kaleidoscope under the pen name ‘Chingaree’ in local English daily Deshdoot Times,Nasik.

Currently she is a Knowledge Executive for PT Education, CAT aspirants and Offshore Academic Expert for Transwebtutors for GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT preparation.

Her latest venture – She is the founder of Art Indulge Foundation, a social enterprise for promotion of art and artists the world over.


She is a software professional with a post graduation degree in Computer Science and a graduation degree in Mathematics. She is also a 24 hour job mom, wife, disciplinarian, cook, birthday-party-organizer, home-manager (“Home-declutterer” fits the bill perfectly here, but there isn’t a word like that. Yet.) she says. She loves her day job and has  spent the last decade of her life balancing the two ends of the spectrum – writing software programs and poetry. Amidst the chaos of urban living, a high pressure job, motherhood and her own perfectionist attitude towards all things life, it is in writing that she finds her core. She says she writes so that she does not lose herself.  Nothing gives her more pleasure than to rattle a few heart strings and ruffle a few grey cells with her pen. She hopes to do more of it in the coming years.


Sonal Shree is postgraduate in English Literature and Management. Her stint as a ‘writer’ began as a child encouraged by her parents to send short stories to newspapers and a children’s magazine called ‘Champak’. She even created her own version of a Champak-like magazine in thick school notebooks to give vent to her narrative and creative musings with self-edited short stories, jokes and drawings. Her journey in writing continued with essay writing; blogging; opinions in newspapers on given topics; letters to editors and some articles in books and newspapers. The discovery of 4IW platform in 2008 acted as a propellent in considering writing for the genuine love of it. Sonal aspires to write books of literary merit in future.


Sreelata Menon started out as a regular fulltime journalist when marriage and children intervened. Twenty five years later with the advent of the computer she found herself back in business once again. Churning out articles, comments and reports on all kinds of topics she was yet again in the thick of things but this time working from home. Re-inventing herself as a web content writer she writes weekly blogs on freelance writing and content for a variety of websites. She is also the author of ‘Freelance writing for the newbie’ which has just been released by Unicorn Books to rave reviews. A Masters in History she loves to research and create.


Sucharita is an award winning fiction writer dabbling in non-fiction. Armed with a M.Phil degree in Literature from Pune University, Sucharita chose to tread a different path from the hardcore teaching field expected of her and joined the corporate world of communication and MBA training, had a stint at Mid-Day Pune as a freelancer, and finally opted to give in to the writing bug. She moonlights as an estructor for American college students and writes cover stories for Geo Junior, a science magazine for children. After being published electronically for the past few years, she had her first first print publication in 2010 and a couple more are due by this year end.


She has teaching experience for over three decades, having taught in some reputed schools and colleges. At present, she conducts training in soft skills in MNCs and Business Schools.

She works with charitable institutes in the field of education. Her hobbies are gardening and freelance writing.


Suneetha.B is a writer, translator, trainer and journalist, although not strictly in that order. She works from her home in the coastal city of Trivandrum in the southern tip of India.


Vimala Madon began her working career as an English lecturer in a college in Secunderabad. She has worked in the State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of India, State Bank of Mysore and State Bank of Travancore. She finally retired in 2008 as General Manager. Post retirement she teaches French part-time apart from writing, travelling and working as a volunteer in an NGO for the depressed and suicidal of all ages. She loves reading. Her other passions include travel, music and dance, theatre and crosswords.


Vimala Ramu served as a teacher for 10 years in various schools and worked in Educational Software for two years. She took up writing articles for Newspapers in 2005. Vimala Ramu’s blogs have also appeared in print media , namely ‘Deccan Herald’ and recently ‘Reading Hour’.  She has compiled articles and published three books RAINSONG, WIND CHIMES and DEW DROPS through Writers Workshop, Kolkata in 2008-09. Three of her books have been rendered into audio cds by Mitrajyoti, for the visually disabled. Her 4th book ‘Colors’ , a collection of humorous blogs has been recently released.;;


Vinay, or Leo as he is known to his readers, is a poet from Bangalore. He has been writing poetry for the past 13 years and calls himself an amateur poet. He has been working as a professional developer in PHP and designing for a year now. A graduate in B.E Computer Science, he’s trying to balance both his work life and his passion for poetry and writing in general with blogging. He has been blogging for the past four years and believes that one can overcome any obstacle if approached the right way.


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