1. Writers, kindly send original articles only, which have not been published in other websites, blog pages, Your Blogs or magazines/newspapers before. 

The main purpose of WriteSpace is to provide a platform for nurturing creativity, not re-hashing old stuff.

If you are using some resource or website to research your article, do mention it. If possible, use pictures to support your articles. Not a compulsion though.

2. The e-zine will be online every month.

3. WriteSpace retains only permanent archival rights. All other rights of publication rest with the writer, from 30 days after publication on writespace4iw.wordpress.com.

4. Kindly see to it that there are no grammatical errors before sending the blogs.

Terms and Conditions liable to change according to the whims and fancies of the forum members! Just kidding!!

Revised: May 2014


Do email your articles as word attachments to our email address writespace4iw@gmail.com.


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  1. Khurshid says:

    I write from Bangalore and I am interested in contributing to your blog and send in my short stories and would like to know if I can submit some of the stories which were earlier submitted to a website which has shut down since the last two years.

    • Hello Khurshid,

      Nice of you to show interest in Write Space.

      We encourage original and fresh material at our portal mainly for two reasons:
      We want readers to read new stuff and most importantly,
      We want our writers to create new stuff, not re-cycle old writings as this is the only way the writers will be prompted into writing more.

      So, if you have written anything new or intend writing anything, you are most welcome to send it across to us. We shall be delighted!

      Best Wishes,

  2. Hi,
    I wish to send you a poem for publication. I had tried to send you an e-mail containing particulars about myself, but the ‘sending’ has failed, I don’t know why.

  3. Swati Nitin Gupta says:


    I am Swati and I am interested in contributing here. Please do let me know the procedure. I am sending a mail along with my resume as well on the above mentioned email.

  4. Tanuja Chatterjee says:

    I’m interested in writing my blogs here. Do I need to send some write-ups for evaluation? Currently, I’m reading Vimala Ramu’s work and I find them very good.

  5. Hi Geetashree. Nice to see you here, reading commenting and also showing interest in contributing!

    It is a simple process really. Send us a mail at writespace4iw@gmail.com expressing your interest and we will reply back, including you in the WriteSpace team. A Facebook id is all that is needed apart from good error free writing.

    Hoping to see you out here as a writer!

  6. Geetashree Chatterjee says:

    How does a writer get registered to your site? And how does one know that his/her write has been accepted for the forthight

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