• Aaj ki taaza khabar: Latest events and happenings
  • Adam’s Apple: What you think, feel, have gone through as a man
  • Art and Artists: Anything related to paintings, art functions
  • Books and Communication: A review of books you have read and enjoyed and any other literary/communication funda
  • Custard n’ Spice: Anecdotes and recipes about food
  • Dramatics: Skits, Plays
  • Emotion in Verse: Your original poetry
  • Family Fair: Issues related to family, parenting
  • Femme Fatale: What you think, feel, have gone through as a woman
  • Festive Season: Celebration of festivals, traditional functions, celebration
  • Food for Thought: What made your grey cells work over time/inspired others
  • Frank Feel: Your honest and strong opinion about any issue dear to your mind and heart
  • Ha Ha Humour: Real Life funny Incidents
  • Music To The Ears: A Review of any music album you have heard and enjoyed
  • Nostalgia: All about those thoughts and emotions of the past that still make you misty eyed or joyful
  • Novelette: Your novel to be published in chapters weekly
  • Nurturing Nature: Environmental issues
  • Persona Grata: Any person/public figure you admire and appreciate
  • Pet Passion: For all those fond of animals, birds, having pets
  • Poetry in Action: Poetry, verse
  • Poets’ Gallery: A gallery just for the poets we love reading
  • Sketching Satire: For all those who can sketch about life, about anything
  • Snap Shot: Blog in pictures, original pictures
  • Society Sucks: Issues that plague society
  • Spiritual Crust: Spiritual, philosophical emotions of belief/non belief
  • Sports Special: If you are fond of sports then, this column is for you. By the way, even those irritated by the mere mention of sports can voice their views here
  • Story Space: Original short stories
  • Theme Oriented Blogs: The beginning of every month will focus on a specific theme. All write-ups excluding novels will focus on this
  • Travelling Places : A travelogue of places visited, supported with pictures
  • Walk the Talk: Interviewing people, achievers and inspiring persons
  • Workspace: Experiences at work


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